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so its been a while...


seems like forever since i last posted... have had so much going on, been on holiday to tunisia, had a bad couple of weeks with depression (stupid hormones) and my bestfriend Lost her bean! image Been an emotional month (what feels like a year) but finally coming out the otherside... i think!! image

Went yesterday and orderd our pram... we went for the icandy strawberry so orderd the carrycot for pram too and the carseat and the isofix base! image have decided we dont want to find out what were having! Looking for a new house too as this one just isnt big enough and were having probs with neighbour...KNOB! lol

how is everyone getting on?! anyone else having majour hormone issues?! im sure iv felt poppyseed move... image its all so exciting now! and Theo (ds1) blurrted out to many friends mummy has a baby in  her tummy, he is only 2 so this was very unexpected but hilarious and im kind of greatful he did it as im just not very good at announcing things and still havent really told anyone, though im gettin lots of looks as there is a clear bump (even if it is small)

o0o0 also orderd my mat jeans this morning!!! image got them reduced from £60 to £30 from newlook, deff worth a look girlies!

anyway sorry to go on, its been so long! Hope everyone is ok xxx


  • Hi

    Sorry to hear about your friend loss,how many weeks was she.I deffo need to invest in some maternity stuff my work trousers are soooo tight and my scubs dont fit at all.Iv got my 20week scan next wednesday and we are going to find out the sex i cant wait im so excited x
  • Sorry to hear you've had a tough time of it lately. You're not alone on the hormonal front! I've been struggling too. I weaned off my Citalopram (for depression and anxiety) when I found out I was pregnant and have really struggled, particularly when I was still suffering with constant nausea at 14 weeks. Thankfully the nausea has passed, but now work is stressing me out! Will see how I go and may take some time off.

    How many weeks are you? I'm 17+3 today. Still waiting to feel movement. Have had a couple of times I've thought I've felt something but if I concentrate I can just feel my own heart beat which is distracting! Had a scan last week which we paid for privately because I was feeling so down- it was lovely to see our baby wriggling away! We've even got a picture of him or her giving us a thumbs up, lol! We've got 3 weeks til next scan but we're not finding out the sex! It makes shopping so hard! I can totally understand why people DO find out!

    Hope you're all well ladies! xx
  • Hello!

    Likewise, I need to invest in some maternity trousers, mine are very tight now and I have to undo the top button when I sit at my desk during the day!  Off shopping with my sis on Sunday so will look for some then.  Also want to try and find a dress for a wedding which is in a couple of weeks time, feeling that may be a stressful experience, doubting that I will find anything particularly flattering!


    I am 19 weeks and have my scan tomorrow afternoon!  Really looking forward to seeing bubs again, yipee!  We won't be finding out though, as tempting as it may be for shopping and name choices etc


    Suffering very badly with migraines (daily basis!)which is having an impact on work and home life, it sucks!  I blame the hormones going crazy.  Have always suffered with them but they have gotten much worse now I am pregnant and I cannot take anything for them : ( Trying seabands for the nausea which the migraines cause and they seem to be working thank goodness. 


    I am still waiting to feel some movements as well Dottysbird, like you I sometimes think I feel something and concentrate to see if I feel it again and then nothing!


    Mummy2be2 you are very organised getting your pram etc already, I keep looking online but get totally baffled by it all and give up!  Think I will probably end up leaving it until I really have to make a decision.


    Has anyone had any cravings or gone off anything?  I used to drink 5+ cups of tea a day and since becoming pregnant I cannot stand the stuff!  Shame as I had just literally bought 360 tetley teabags for home, lets hope I like it again once I have had bubs.  No real cravings but do like a bowl or two of shreddies and cold milk every day!




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