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20 week scans?

Hi everyone image Was just wondering if any of you have had your 20 week scans yet? I am only 16+4 and haven't even had my appointment through yet, but noticed on the due in jan forum some of the ladies have got their dates. Also for those of you who have had yours, did you find out the sex? I don't mind if im having a boy or girl, but can't wait to find out! Xx


  • Hey,


    I had mine last Thursday (I was 19+2).  Didn't find out the sex as want a nice surprise at the end of the 9 months.  Did want to ask if the sonographer could see anything (just for curiosity's sake!) but decided against it as then I thought we would be tempted to actually find out!  Sure you will get your date through soon!  Have you had your 16 week midwife app?  Perhaps ask her when you can expect to receive the appointment for your 20week scan? x

  • Haha good for you, I'm way too impatient! Wish I could wait, would be a lovely surprise image I had to cancel my 16 week appointment last week so I've got one tues, i'll be 17+2. I actually received my scan appointment today! Its for 14th aug, ages away! Think I had my 20 week scan with dd quite early, around 18 weeks. They're REALLY busy and overstretched in my area though image hope everything its going well with your pregnancy image xx
  • Hope 14th August comes around quickly for you. They booked my 20 week scan when I was leaving my dating scan. Mine is on 31st July, so a week and a half to wait. We're not finding out the sex- tempting as it is, lol! image x
  • I had mine on friday I was 20+3. I am having a girl couldn't wait another 20weeks to find out! I have to go back in 3weeks as she wouldn't stay still and was in a very awkward posistion so he couldn't check her heart properly xx
  • Dottysbird - 31st july will be here in no time, as will 14th aug for me im sure image

    Mummyphoebe - I had that with my dd, had to go back because they couldn't check the heart or face. I had an anterior placenta too so don't think that helped with the awkward position! Were you hoping for a girl, or didn't mind? I said I didn't mind in my first post, but think I am wanting another girl! Xx
  • I have 2 boys n oh has 1 so its what we were both hoping for a girl! Its also the first girl after about 10 boys in oh's family for 13 yrs so they are all very excited about that. Xx
  • Haha she will be spoilt rotten! X
  • Mine isnt until 19th Aug. I will be nearly 22weeks. I am dying to see bubba again and see where hes lying ( cant help but call it a him, prob because of DS) as I would love to know which part of his kicking punching I can feel. We wont find out, I love surprises!! x x x Sureit will fly by but dont  half feel impatient 

  • Wow blue star I'll stop complaining about how long I've got to wait, they must be quite busy in your area too! I always thought of my second as a boy too, thought the scan looked like a boy and everything, I think because thats what I knew from my ds. She was a girl though! X
  • Hey mine is on the 14th August can't wait, looking forward to finding out the sex so I can buy little outfits image x
  • Same day as mine zanzara image would you rather a boy or girl? When are you due? X
  • I don't really mind as long as baby is healthy lol I'm due 29th december how bout you? X
  • 30th! image and hoping for a girl, I think! Only because I think it would be nice as there will only be 11 months between this baby and my dd, born jan this year. But then sometimes I think maybe a boy would be better, possibly less arguing in the future! There is only a year between me and my sister and we argued alot as kids and aren't close at all now. I know it doesnt always go that way through! X
  • We had to change our date as hubby didn't get the time off so ours is now 2nd Aug (next Thursday). It's only an extra 47 hours but I really wanna see the gremlin again, lol!!! We're not finding out though! xx


  • Oh no dottysbird, how frustrating! I think although we are finding out the sex, we're not going to tell anyone else! Except you guys on here of course! X
  • Lol yeah I can't wait to see peanut again, bought a Doppler the other day now I'm obsessed with listening to the little heartbeat x
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