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Lil advice pls

Hey evry1. Hope ur all ok. I apologise in advance for the possible tmi.

I am currently on the pill and since BD on Monday night I have been experiencing alot of blood loss, silly me did forget to take the pill on Saturday but as soon as I realised it was Sunday and carried on as normal. I went to doctors today and explained the situation to him and he's sent of sum fmu to the hospital to get tested for possible pg or infection and gotta go bk for more examinations in 27th sept. So what I am hopin to find out is if any of you had experienced any abnormal bleeding after BD'ing?

Thank you,


  • Hi hun,

    I haven't experienced this but missing a pill can cause some bleeding. It can make your body think it is the seven day break in your pill.

    When will you get the results of the tests? Hopefully you find out what's happened soon! xx
  • It ain't coz av missed the pill. Silly me has dun tht b4. Wen my body is on the 7 day break, it always takes at least 4days for my body to recognise it. My doc wanted to see me on Wednesday but due to neon hundreds of miles up north for summat I cnt get out off, I have to wait til the 27th wen I have to undergo more tests. Tell u summat thou, it's bloody painful!

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