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Interesting fact. Is it true?

I just read somewhere that between the ages of 4 and 5 months, babies go through a big developmental spurt. This requires their brains to make lots of new connections, which is done during periods of light sleep. Babies of this age therefore spend more time in light sleep, which can account for their more frequent night wakings.

Do you think this is true??

If so, it gives me hope that Adam's current penchant for waking 5 times a night for a winge/chat is temporary rather than permanent! image



  • i have noticed joseph wakes more thru the night now but wen he dus all he wants is his dummy or just chats to himself... then abt 5-10mins later he will go back to sleep
  • oh sweet jesus I hope so, we're all absoutely knackered!

    she can literally wake anywhere between once and 5 times a night at the minute. Not helped by the fact that she can roll on to her tummy but can't get back again.... She's then so tired in the day that she's too tired to nap if that makes sense!?

    Don't suppose it said when they'll grow out of it!? xx
  • I hope my ds grows out of it soon! He's gone from sleeping thru til 6am, to waking at 1am, 3am and 5am! Aargh, I am so tired!! And he's hungry too so he's not just waking for a chat. I've been told its just a growth spurt but if that's the case he's been spurting for a while now lol!!
  • I'm so relieved it's not just Adam! I could not work out why things had gone so horribly wrong. He's gone from sleeping 7pm-3am, waking for a feed and going back down til 7am, to waking randomly almost every hour! He settles quickly, but wont re-settle without a shushy. Grrr!!

    I hope it doesn't last much longer...
  • its never ending!! They dont sleep as new borns, then they have a few ok weeks then its growth spurts that wake them. Teeth next, then just being anoying toddlers, then we have the potty training and the peeing the bed and the getting out of bed, then we get past all that and before we know it we will be lying awake waiting on them coming in from the pub!!!

    Oh joy!!!

    Gemm x
  • Yep I think it is true, DS2 is waking up for a chat about 3 times a night at the mo lol, and he gets woken by the slightest noise too, hubby snoring, people next door etc. he used to sleep like a log ..but not any more...!!

    I could go on holiday with the bags under my eyes and not have to pay for luggage space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I've noticed it too! Some nights DD sleeps through, other nights she wakes couple of times - have to feed her though as she seems hungry - thankfully she goes back down okay...
    Hope it ends, my eyes actually ache some mornings! xx
  • Thats really interesting, I had put it down to a combination of heat, teeth and like MN said the fact that he can roll onto his front but not his back. He sleeps on his side so frequently flops onto his front then wakes up crying because he can't get back again!!
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