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teachers returning to work??

just wondered if there are any feb mummies who are returning to work in september and dreading it image. try and look at the positives image


  • i am a march mummy and was going to go back in sept but i have since decided to use all my savings and go back in jan instead. i really cant face it!
  • I'm going back to work at the end of october, the week before the half term hols. Am going down to 4 days, would love to do 3 days but want the money!
    I wouldn't say I am dreading it (my brain has all but died and needs some stimulation!), but I could quite happily continue this maternity leave for a good while longer!
    How many days are you thinking of doing?
  • full time unfortunately. we want to move house and even though have saved and saved still need a stupidly high deposit. it's not so much work that i'm dreading just don't want to miss out on lo. will hopefully only be from sept to sept then hopefully have 2nd lo and have a year off then go back 3-4 days a week hopefully. plus next sept is when i go through threshold so that will also help!! i suppose still get evenings and weekends and all the hols!! and lo will benefit by having a garden when we move etc etc, just feel guilty too image x
  • I know what you mean, i feel guilty for going back 4 days. I'd love to do 3 days, but I also want the money to give DD everything!! Plus the house we bought needs total redecoration and flooring which costs!
    We're hopefully gonna do the same as you, after a 2nd, maybe 3rd child, I'm going to do maybe 3 days instead.
    I'll be going through the threshold too, UP2, the worse, need to get a ton of evidence - hate it!
    You're definatley right about the holidays though, we'll be the envy of our non-teacher friends!!
  • I'm going back in July image Absolutely dreading it, but thankfully Jakob will be at home with Daddy then rather than in nursery (he'll start there in Sept). I'll be going bk 4 days a week in Sept, which my school are classing as part time!! Not in my book image

    Jakob will be at nursery 4 days a week as of September. Really hate having to leave him, but also know that there are massive benefits to him going to a nursery in regards to social development.

    Like you ladies though I know how lucky we are in regards to the holidays and the amount of time we get with our babies outside of working hours.
  • I'm going back in September image

    I really worry about missing out but am actually sort of looking forward to teaching some lessons again (I think I need my head checking!)

    I'm in a better situation really as nanny will be having lo 4 days a week and daddy will have him the other day (not sure how I ended up agreeing to him working part time).

    At least I know I get the holidays to spend with him.
  • hey,
    i know it's going to be really difficult. Is anyone being cheeky like me and going back last day of term?? I have requested to go back 3 days a week for half a term I'm hoping that it will get accepted it's going to governors, fingers crossed get an answer tom and it will be the right one!!!!! i'm luckly that my mil will have lo for three days a week. x
  • clraustin, you dont have to go back on the last day of term, you can go back on the first day of the holidays. and it isnt cheeky!!! its standard practice in every other job that you get holidays on top of mat leave!!
  • i didn't know that, thanks. Still waiting on news though!!!
  • I didn't know that either! Very cool, but not sure I'm brave enough image Think it'll probably be good for me to have a week at work so I have a week prep away from my wee man!
  • instead of doing a week at work you could do them as KIT days, which dont have to be full days.
  • When I went back to work after my first baby 2 years ago, I did 3 days during the last week of school in July. I found it really helpful to do some planning and get my resources sorted out. It also eased me (and baby) in gently. This time I'm going back in December for a week or two before starting properly in January.
  • if i did that id end up with mocks to mark over christmas!
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