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FAO Ladybird

Hope you dont mind me crashing....
I read in another post that your LO is now only feeding 3 times a day. I remember from various sleep/bf posts that she used to feed quite a lot so I was wondering if she dropped feeds of her own accord or whether you helped her along the way. And if you dont mind me asking, does she sleep through now? She's not much older than LO and hoping that he'll cut down soon as he still feeds frequently during the day,although we have cut down night feeds from 3-1.



  • Hey hun,

    Of course i don't mind you crashing.

    When i started weaning Emily at 24 weeks she very quickly went on to 3 meals a day. Once she was on the three meals she would start to get fussy about her 11am feed and more playful. So i just stopped giving it and waited to see what happened. Now, she usually naps between 10am and 11-12noon so she sometimes misses this time anyway, Anyway she never missed it. A few weeks later i noticed that she wasn't really asking for her 3pm feed, so i just waited until she 'asked' for it by getting a bit whingy or if she was grabbing my boobs! lol. So that feed has been pushed back to about 4/5pm. With regards to the night feed, when my dd hit 7 months the hv said that she no longer needed her night feed. So i offered her water instead and did a little bit of cc - she never cried for more than 5 mins at a time and was fast asleep within 1.5 hours. Then the second night and third (last night) she actually slept right through!!! I really didn't think it was possible but she did it!

    I would just take his lead and maybe try feeding on demand (if you aren't already). I am going back to work in November so i really need Emily to not feed during the day so i can continue to bf. I don't really want to offer formula if i can help it - i've got this far without it! I want to go straight on to cows milk. I also make sure Emily has plenty dairy in her diet.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks chick! And well done on getting Emily to drop the night feed and sleep through, thats fab news. That's how we've got him to drop 2 of his 3 night feeds so maybe will try that in a few weeks.

    Think I need to learn to stop whipping the boob out as soon as he gets gurney, hard not to when he's teething (or I think he is) as he's such a grumpy soul, maybe try that in a few weeks!

    Thanks again!
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