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Catch up

Hi all, not been on recently so thought I would catch up and see how everyone was doing.

We have an eventful few days. I wasn't planning to wean DS until 6 months but in the last few weeks he has gone from regular 15 minute, 3 hourly feeds and going 7.30 until 8am with only one feed in the night to feeding every 1.5 hours for over half an hour at a time and in the evening feeding at 6, 7.30, 11 (a 9oz dream feed of formula) 4 and 8. His weight gain has also completely slowed down and he has dropped off the centile he was following so after waiting a while to see if it was just a growth spurt I decided to wean him. We got up in the morning all ready to give him food for the first time and found his first tooth! Busy day for baby!!

He HATES the baby porridge I gave him so I stopped giving it to him at breakfast and tried a bit of carrot in the afternoon and he LOVES it!! I am going to stick with a small amount of veg in the afternoon for a week or so before I give it to him twice a day and try some other bits. I didn't want to wean him this early but he was definately ready and he takes his carrot very enthusiastically!!!

How are all our lovely Feb babies? Any starving babies like mine or teeth??


  • Hey hun,

    Emily has changed from a sleeping angel to a little devil! She wakes up every 4 hours at night for a feed and is really hard to settle - unless she comes in my bed for a cuddle - cheeky madam! lol.

    I think it is all due to teething, she has a wee tooth at the top which has been threatening to pop through for the last 2 weeks!

    Her latest trick is standing. She would stand all day if i let her! I was so surprised at the strength in her legs!

    I'm not considering weaning at the moment because of Emily's excema. I'm not sure she is showing any signs for it - apart from feeding more often.


  • ALfie's doing really well and has finally started to put weight on properly. He had dropped off the centile charts completly and has never followed a line, always dropped down but we got him weighed last week and he'd put 7oz on in a week. Previoiusly he'd only put on 14oz in a whole month. He's turned into a little guzzle guts at the minute and is wanting feeding every 2 1/2 hrs but he's showing no signs at all for weaning yet (he's only 14 weeks).

    He loves to be stodd up too and loves bouncing but his very favourite thing by far is watching his big brother. He just giggles soon as he sees him it's lovely
  • Its lovely to see how all the Feb babies are doing!

    Niamh is doing really well. She was 12lb 14 when I got her weighed yesterday. I can't believe she is 17 weeks today - time really is going to fast!

    She is still sleeping from 7.30pm till about 6/6.30am at night. Feeding wise she is taking between 27 and 36 oz a day. Mainly it is my milk (yes I am still expressing away lol) though she will have about 4 formula feeds in a week (normally on a Sunday/Monday when I have my breastfeeding group on a Tuesday to make sure I have enough of my milk take with me!). When I express I get between 10 and 15 oz on average and I am expressing 3 times a day.

    Niamh is developing a lovely little personality. She is very smiley and is always happy. Saying that the pass few days she has been crying lots as if she is pain. Think she is joining the other Feb babies in teething as everything is going into her mouth and she is dribbling loads! Plus she has little red cheeks! No sign of any teeth yet though! She is also showing no signs of wanting food yet!

    She has started interacting with other babies and it is so lovely to see.
  • Hi girls,

    So nice to hear how the Feb babies are getting on!!

    DD is doing brilliantly but I think the biggest development recently is that I feel absolutely 100% fantastic about being mummy to my little girl. It's not that I wasn't enjoying it before but I really feel like something has clicked in this last week or two and we are just having SO much fun. She spends the vast majority of her day either smiling, laughing or chatting her little head off and I just love it. Daddy makes her laugh more than anyone else in the world but she has developed a real obsession with me. I feel like we're completely addicted to each other!

    She is trying ever so hard to roll over at the moment. She's not really interested in going from front to back (just likes lying there propped up on her forearms laughing at god knows what) but is trying her very best to go from back to front. She makes it onto her side then gets worn out and just stays there.

    We've had some horrible days of teething recently but she takes it in such good spirits, a few more mummy cuddles and a bit of calpol and she's right as rain again.

    She has really upped her milk intake these past few weeks. She was taking 5ozs a feed for weeks and weeks and weeks then jumped up to 6ozs then 7ozs all in the last couple of weeks. She also seems to be dropping a feed so she'll have 4 (and a half sometimes) rather than 5 bottles a day. She seems to have finally finished with that bloody horrible 4 month growth spurt so she's sleeping much better (dream feed at 10.30 then half a feed between 3 and 4) and up at 7ish. You'll probably remeber that I got my knickers in a twist about trying to drop that early morning feed but after a couple of failed attempts I got all sentimental about it and decided that she's growing up too quickly and a few more weeks of middle of the night cuddles were no bad thing! Can't believe how much of a sop I've become!!!

    MN and DD 16+1
  • oooooo how old is your lo Miss I, i'm always interested in early weaners, if you post it in Baby about early weaning you get a right bollocking lol :lol:

    Haven't had lo weighed since last weigh in so she's due another next week when i reckon she will be touching 14lbs at 16+3, we will see, she's always followed the 50th centile for weight but is really long (75th centile last time), i have to sit her up to bf her on my lap now as she doesn't fit on there so well any more!

    You may have seen my posts about bubba's weirdness at the mo, for nearly 3 weeks now she has been feeding every 2-3 hours through the day and night and is taking 5-7ozs on her 2 bedtime bottles, if it's a growth spurt its bloody long, I had wondered whether she might want early weaning in a few weeks but there isn't much support for it on the forum so i couldn't gage what to do! In addition she's been awake for maybe 1 1/2-2 hours in the night chatting, little bugger!

    In addition to rarely being quiet and seeming to have a lot to say lol she's also rolling back to front, you can't put her down without her doing it but then she can't get back over so basically I can't leave her alone on her playmat at all! Yesterday we put her on the grass in the park for the first time, she absolutely loved it, and then rolled over and tried to eat it!!!! She basically puts everything in her mouth, anything she can grab gets a chew, she's having to wear bibs because of the drool!! Her gums are really sharp too so it must be a bit of teething!

    All of a sudden there seems to be so much going on with her I can hardly keep up! She is a joy though, its great to see how quickly stuff happens isn't it! They should have a "proud face" smiley for us to put on our posts image
  • We are doing great. Arran is 18 weeks today! I can't believe how fast the weeks fly past. He got weighed on Wed and he was 17lb! A big boy.

    He is usually sleeping great, goes down between 6-7pm, i wake him at 10ish and thats him till 7-8am. We have left him a few nights and he slept right thro but he has been really up and down for the last 2 weeks. Im not sure if its the heat, a growth spurt or his teeth, but he has woken up in the night for a feed! (not happy)

    Generally he is a really happy chap. Very smiley, and loves chatting to people. I'm still ebf much to my inlaws dismay, but at least my HV commented to a student on wednesday that i was one of her good muumy's that was still bf and doing great!

    He loves going to toddler groups and things with my older kids;. He laughs and giggles at song time and he loves watching the big kids.

    I'm actually really enjoying time with my kids just now and am looking forward to more of this great weather and getting out in the garden more

    Gemm x
  • Ah, it's so nice to read how the other bubba's are getting on.

    No teethies for Rebecca yet, but she is an early weaner! I started giving her mashed Rusk at 14 weeks for dinner/supper and she loves it!!! Next week at 16 weeks, I'm going to give her either baby rice or baby porridge for breakfast and continue the mashed rusk for tea/supper.

    Had her weighed on Tuesday and at 15 weeks she weighs 14lb 7oz. She's also been taking 9oz of juice (7oz water with 2 oz baby juice) before each 7oz milk feed generally every 4 to 5 hours and sleeps between 10pm and 7:30am.

    She is such a happy, contented baby and I am so luckly to have such an angel! I probably won't be saying that when the teethies start coming through though!!! Lol!

  • It's lovely to hear how you and your lo are all getting on!

    George was 13lb 5oz 10 days ago at 15+2, he's been on the 25th centile all this time and consistently putting on about 4oz a week so I reckon he'll be nearly 14lb by the end of next week!

    He has grown out of his crib and went into his cot on friday night, and we have both slept so much better - as soon as he woke up in the crib he'd be crying/yowling, and rattling the hell out of it, but since being in the cot he's chatted away to himself for a few minutes quite happily before wanted to be picked up :\) I know it's only been 2 nights but keeping my fingers crossed.

    He was 16 weeks on monday and since then he's gone from having one feed during the night, to having 2 or even 3!!!! combined with him starting to teeth i've not had much sleep. Had to ask dh to get up and take him downstairs this morning so I could catch up a little bit!

    He had just started to try to roll from his back to front, and loves his door bouncer. Dh and I can just sit there and watch him spinning round and bouncing about for ages. Don't want to start to wean til as close to 6 months as poss image

    Gill and George (4 months on tuesdayimage
  • I could have sworn I replied lol, sorry for my rudeness!

    Morello he is 17 weeks now. I started last week, first I gave him some baby porridge which he hated, I kept trying for a few days to see if it was just because he wasn't used to it but then I tried carrot at dinner time and he loved it and eats it really enthusiatically so I tried a different type of baby cereal and he hates that too. I tried weetabix this morning and he liked that so breakfast is Finally sorted!! I gave him sweet potato today and he was getting excited and making yum noises between mouthfuls he liked it so much. I am introducing things one at a time in case he has a bad reaction to one and haven't mixed flavours just yet, tomorrow is brocolli I think!

    I feel really guilty for weaning him early but he really needed it, I couldn't keep up with feeding him. I was about ready to give up breastfeeding he was feeding so often and for so long I was getting sore!!

    Last time I had him weighed he was 14lb 11oz but that was a few weeks ago now, he has his next lot of jabs next week so will have him weighed again then.

    He is usually such a cheerful thing, his teeth have been really bothering him though. He smiles and talks all the time, he is constantly babbling away to himself and when I talk to him he replies bless him! He rolled over onto his front this morning, he has been rolling on his side for a while now so it was just a matter of time until he flopped onto his front lol!

    He has got 2 teeth now, he wants to chew on my fingers to help his gums but keeps biting me and it bloomin hurts!! Fortunately he hasn't bitten me when I am feeding him just yet!!

    Can you believe our little babies are 4 months old already! I am struggling with the fact he is not newborn anymore! I am getting broody already, our plan was to wait 2 years until trying again, I can't see us waiting that long to be honest! How about everyone else?
  • hey girls nice to see the catch up thread.

    Isabelle is great she was 4 months old on the 10th and had her weighed that day and weighed 14lb 6oz and following her line perfect. She is still breast fed fully which i am truly amazed i have lasted this long but feel great about it and it has just become a daily thing now which i dont even think about i just feed her with no problems. She is obviously doing great on my milk so im happy to carry on.

    No food yet and i probably wont till nearest 6 months as i would like to try baby led weaning this time and this i have read is better to wait till 6 months. and plus i cant be bothered with all that steriliazing and making food yet and worrying about anything else at the mo i just need wipes, nappies and boobs and its so easy like this with a toddler too!

    She has never slept through but only wakes up at 2 or 3am every night for a feed sometimes she can wake up more but i dont mind as she sometimes dosent always feed for long and i usually doze and sometimes wonder how she got back in her crib but i obviously put her there lol!

    Last few days have been a bit of a nightmare but i think she may have some teeth on the way as she wont settle at all and she is usually a happy chappy. She now rolls over all the way but most of the time screams at me to roll her back on her back from her tummy but has just started pulling her knees up trying to get in the crawling position but thats still a while off (i hope)!!

    Anyway best stop now lovely to see everybody getting on so well and i cant believe we havent got anybody esle pregnant again yet!! It certainly wont be me for another couple of years 2 is enough at the moment!! xx
  • Hey ladies!

    I'm still a little bit of a newbie to this forum, but hope you don't mind my replying.

    Jakob is 18 weeks on Tuesday and now weighs in at just over 20lb - our little chunk! He's on the 98th percentile for everything: length, weight and head circum. and always has been so he's plodding along nicely!

    He's still being bf, but has 2 bottles a day as I am weaning him off me in preparation for my return to work in 5 weeks.

    I started giving Jakob some baby rice/porridge on Thursday as his evening meal and he LOVES it. He gets ever so impatient if there is a delay and 'helps' guide the spoon to his mouth, although usually he just ends up making more mess! image We're going to carry on giving him porridge/baby rice for another 5 days or so and then introduce some of the purees I made up last week.

    I LOVE being a mummy to Jakob and he makes it very easy. He just recently dropped his 11pm dreamfeed and now sleeps from 7.30pm-6.30am which I am still trying to get used to. I wake a lot as I am convinced he'll wake to be fed!

    As you've all mentioned, teething is no fun at all, but generally we have a VERY happy and incredibly smiley little manimage We feel very very lucky. He giggles A LOT and loves his new toy: Jumperoo.
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