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Best word in the world!!!

Today my gorgeous baby girl said "mama" for the first time and it was the best sound I have ever heard! Now I do secretly know that she is only making sounds but that didn't stop me telling everyone that she is in fact a genius and beaming from ear to ear each time she said it! She does this really cute gunning face to make the sound she is soo soo funny! Sorry just had to share as think my family are fed up or hearing me and she is beginning to feel a bit like a performing monkey!!!!!


  • What a clever girl! image

    Emily is constantly saying Daddy and Dada just now. She usually teams it up with Hiya so at the just the right moments she smiles very sweetly and shouts 'hiya daddy'! What a clever girl, she knows exactly who to butter up to buy her pretty things! :P :lol:

    And they are not just noises, our girls know exactly what they are saying ;\) image xxx

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  • Your right ladybird we do have clever girlies I am very impressed at the hiya daddy we have been trying for weeks for a hiya particularly as my hubby is often based in Liverpool so he puts on an accent and says it to her all the time so far though nothing apart from mama so well done Emily another little feb genius I hope Oxford is ready!!!!
  • The other day I asked Niamh if her lunch was nice and I swear she said yes!
  • my lo has been saying mama dada for a while now but now seems to understand it more if you get what i mean, at night now she doesn't just cry she cries mama, and if that doesn't work quick enough she tries dada lol, i'm also pretty sure she says no, or "nah" and seems to understand the meaning of it, would love a "hiya" from her, how awesome!! image
  • ok my ds is the slow one of bif then lol, he just gurgles, blows raspberrys and makes baby noises lol xx

    what clever girlies you have xx
  • That is so adorable! My ds isn't saying any words yet, just babbles a lot. I chant mama at him over and over but he just grins at me vacantly!!
  • luvly, ds1 is sayin dada, baba ow while ds2 is sayin mama, nana, nah, ahah. how cute thot they were sayin this much though cos they hav 2 older sis n yeah they r twin boys
  • wha clever babies. Alfie isn't saying anything yet, though at time he's sounded like he's said hiya but it's just pure fluke. He's currently too busy blowing rasberries at any given opportunity to even contemplate trying to say anything else haha
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