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Going to say this very very quietly.....

No! I am not pregnant! haha! :lol:

But Emily finally slept through last night! After 7 months of night feeds and having to get up every few hours, she finally slept for 12.5 hours!! Unfortunately i had a rubbish sleep as i was just waiting for her to wake up!

On Monday my hv told me that at 7 months she no longer needs a night feed as she should be getting all her nutrients during the day. So, when Emily woke up at 11pm for a feed, i just offered her water. She wasn't happy so i let her cry for a little while. I timed it the whole time and every time i went to go and get her, she went quiet again. Then five mins later she would cry again! Each burst of crying only lasted about 5 minutes. Eventually after 1.5 hours of her being unsettled, she fell asleep and woke up at 7am.

So last night i put her down at 7pm and she slept through until 7.30am!! I am amazed and keeping my fingers crossed incase it was just a fluke! :lol:

Sorry to Morello, Em7 and the other ladies whose babies are still keeping them up image Hopefully they will give you a break soon! I am so knackered after 7 months of sleep deprivation (actually longer due to spd) that i had to share!



  • Yay well done Emily!! I remember the first time DD first slept through, I didn't sleep well either just waiting waiting for her to wakeup! Bit of a shock when I finally fell asleep and woke up to 7 am!!

    Long may it continue for you guys xx
  • How very dare you post this Ladybird!!!!

    Only joking :lol: well done you, thank god eh, lets hope it carries on and this is the start of the infamous "sleeping through" for you, what can I say, my lo is perfect in every other way, she's gotta be crap at something and sleeping is that thing :lol:

    Yay for you and Emily!!!
  • Well done Emily! I always say u can't win, you will them to sleep through, then when they do u can't sleep urself cos you're waiting for them to wake up. Either that or u wake in a blind panic at 7am thinking there must be something wrong - and probably wake them up to find out lol
    Hope this continues for you, and yes I did think you were going to announce a bfp!
  • Well done and enjoy some much deserved sleep I am off to a corner in a jealous huff????????????????????????????????
  • Well done Emily

    Fingers crossed it was not a one off and you manage to get a good nights sleep tonight yourself x
  • Sorry Rena and Morello! I did actually feel quite guilty about posting this but then i realised i would be happy if it was one of you ladies posting image

    Well it wasn't a one off and last night Emily slept from 7pm until 8am!! Not a peep out of her all night! I really hope it continues, although i am feeling a bit more refreshed, so if she does wake up i will be able to handle it better image I'm just amazed at how quickly it all happened!

    image x
  • Well done young lady!!! Arran decided to sleep all through the other night and then last night got up at 2am and then 5.30 for the day!!!! Im looking at the positives!!! He is up early today so ive got lots of time to stuff as much food and milk in him in the hope that we get a good night tonight!!

    Gemm x
  • oh well done emily!!! you must be feeling so much better.
  • I had a knot in my stomach and a pang of jealousy shot through me when I saw the title of this post!! How naughty of me!!!!

    Yay well done Emily! Hope you keep this up for mummy!

  • I had a knot in my stomach and a pang of jealousy shot through me when I saw the title of this post!! How naughty of me!!!!

    Yay well done Emily! Hope you keep this up for mummy!

  • You dont know it L but your emily is a clever little girl and has sent Ethan an e mail with the "how to be a good baby and sleep through without mummy and boobies" manual. So i've sat him in his bumpo and given him until friday night to read it and then OPERATION NIGHTTIME WITH NOOOOOOOOOO BOOBIES starts in our household lol.
    I've got to get him to go through as I have until the 9th of october and then me and hubbie (should he ever come home from playing soldiers??) are having a night out with friends and a night in a hotel!!!!! Exciting and scarey stuff..........and you watch if all goes well i'll just be getting used to the sleep and then find out that said night in hotel got me bloody pregnant pmsl :lol:

    Emily fingers crossed he'll be ok but if not part two of your self help guide will be much needed lol xx
  • ahh so that's what she was doing this morning! I thought she was looking a bit suspicious! :P

    Fingers crossed it works! The first night or two will be really difficult but you have to stick with it and not give in. I was nearly in tears the first night and kept thinking that if i just fed her she would go straight to sleep image

    Oh a night out sounds fun! I am very jealous! :lol: you will just have to be very careful and not get too drunk! hehe! I couldn't imagine trying to cope with a toddler and a baby! argh!

    I will get Emily to make a start on that second part, just incase! But you never know Ethan may suprise you image xxx
  • Hi L.....just to let you know operation no boobies at night had to be cancelled, as he is still poorly :\( Turns out he's had tonsilitus (sp) and a viral infection. So emily can hold off part 2 for a while lol.
    Hope emily is still doing well with her sleeping through? xxx
  • Oh no, poor wee man image Hope he gets over it soon! x

    Emily is doing ok, she hasn't needed a night feed for a couple of weeks now but she still wakes most nights for a few mins because she is teething. I just need to give her a teething powder and she goes back down until 7/8am! image It's not perfect but i will happily take that rather than waking every hour! image x
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