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LO not eating

My 14 week old has really gone off her food....she feeds every 4 hours, last feed at 10.30 and averages 5-7oz per feed. But since Thursday I have struggled to get 4 in her & the last 2 days it's been 2oz- just back from docs & no virus or anything so just need to keep trying to feed her often & go back Friday if no change- my mum says to give her some baby rice to keep her eating, but I was adamant it's not good before 17 weeks(which is when I'm going to start weaning anyway,). - basically I'm looking for advice & opinions as I am really worried-she only put on 2oz last week.


  • Is she pooing? Taylor goes through phases of hungry days and not eating much so I wouldn't worry too much, she didn't poo for 5 days the other week tho and during that time she wasn't taking very big feeds, appetite came back after a great big poo though! does she look happy and well in herself? If so I wouldn't worry too much about her weight, she's probably growing in length rather than weight this week!

  • Yep, still pooing & not really herself!
  • Esme went through a phase like this a couple of weeks ago, so about 12/13 weeks, same as your lo she normally take between 5-7oz, but it was taking 2/3 hours to get a bottle down her as she's take 2-3oz and then stop. I went to see the health visitor who just said to feed her little and often and if she started loosing weight they would look into more. She still had plenty of dirty and wet nappies and was fine in herself. It lasted for about 10 days, and she's back to her normal bottles now.

    Is your lo showing any signs of teething? At the same time E started dribbling loads and wanting to really chew on everything, so I think it may have been the early beginnings of teething - one night she was really unsettled and teething gel was the only thing that got her to sleep - which may have made it uncomfortable to take her bottle.

    Gaining weight, even just a little is a good sign. Hope she gets her appetite back soon.

  • as Mrs Elf said, my lo was exactly the same at around 13 wks!!! we went back to feeding on demand and used ashton and parsons powders which seemed to help her (maybe the bottle was causing discomfort)she was drinking loads less and taking around 2hrs to feed.
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