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"First" shoes?

I was looking for some slippers for Poppy as I felt that now she is pulling herself up she may need more grip underfoot, especially on the laminate floors we have. I then went onto the Clarks website and noticed they do 'shoes' for crawling, and different ones for cruising.

I'm now thinking that this may be a good option too. Not sure which ones to get as I don't think it will be long before she's cruising, and the soles etc. are different. It does look as though it will depend on what size she is though, as the cruisers look as if they're in bigger sizes.

Anyway, sorry for waffling, I just wondered if any of have, or have considered getting lo's "first" shoes yet? When do you think you will? I think I may have a chat with hubby when he comes home and make the suggestion, although I do feel it's another way she's growing up-FAR too quickly! Will see about slippers whilst we're at it too :lol: xx

Web-link if you're interested xx

Edited due to my over-use of comma's,,,,,,,,! :lol: xx

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  • i want some for emmy for the same reason as you on the laminate flooring and because she is starting trying to cruise and often slips on it image

    it think from looking at those on the link i'd rather go for the cruising shoes than crawling ones. they're only a tiny bit more expensive . also the cruising shoes will obviously have enough grip to help on the floors so surely they'll have as much/if not more than the crawling ones?

    however on this note....does anyone have a clue how baby shoe sizes work?? they make no sense to me at all!!!
  • hello

    we have a set of crusiers,they took his pic in the shop with them on image i didnt see the point in crawling shoes myself, jacob can pull hiself to standing and almost cruise along and we have laminate too x

    happy shoe shopping
  • I don't think we'll bother with shoes until she's walking really.

    I was talking to hubby about this the other day when we were in Mothercare and saw a little baby being fitted for shoes....I think the problem we're going to have is that Lyv is so small and her feet are so tiny that she'll be walking before any shoes fit her!! :lol: We'll probably have to have them specially made ;\)

    Love NN xx
  • when i was looking at the website links i was thinking that too natasha! emmy is just fully growing into 0-3 months clothes now so i doubt 'proper' shoes will fit her. i'm really hoping they do though as she loves to toddle holding my hands and is desperate to toddle outside (we have paved front garden and back isn''t suitable for her currently so shoes are required for garden fun unfortunately). the profile piccy!
  • Well, spoke to hubby and he said 'bare foot', lol! I suggested we take her in and see if her feet are the right size for cruisers, and if she isn't we'll wait until she will probably get my own way anyway, lol!

    *jemmykins*, children's shoe sizes work much the same as ours. The number is the size (length), and the letter is the width. I think Clarks start at 'E' fit for width, which is really narrow, slender feet-and go up to 'G' or 'H', which are for wider feet (I used to work in Clarks fitting kid's shoes on a saturday whilst still in school :lol: )

    NN, my sister had the same problem with her lo, as she was 7 weeks prem. She's not quite walking yet, but couldn't get shoes for a while as her feet are so slender like the rest of her. Even now at 20 months, she's only around the same weight as Poppy!xx
  • i was just coming on to ask if anyone had had los feet measured as i went in clarks today and love the little shoes in thre but...... jasmine wasnt even on the scale yet! he feet are so dinky!!!!!
    anyone know what size their little ones feet are? piggypops wat size were jacobs?
  • I love them!!!
    God, I have such a shopping list for when we get back to the uk xx
  • Lizzies feet are too small and besides- she wont even let me put socks on her feet!
    i had the same problem with dd1- she was just and just in a 3 and clarks wouldnt let us have them until she was just and just in them and we had to wait about 2 months after she started walking for her feet to get to this size! she is now 5 and half (almost) and has only just outgrown her size 9 shoes (my 2 year old cousin is in a size 7!)
    so we will definatly be waiting until she can walk to get shoes x
  • jacobs are 3F they are quite roomy though but the lady said the next size down wouldnt last him long enough x
  • wannababy, Jess is 5 and a half and is in size 12.5! She is tall with it, but has always had big feet - one of the things that was first commented on when she was born was that she had big feet!

    Haven't had Sasha's measured yet but she would probably fit in some already.

  • piggypops, jacob sounds alot like jayden, he was in a 3 at 8 months and 5.5 for his frst shoes. he is now a 10.5 at 3 and a half!!!!
    watch out he will cost u a fortune in shoes!!! lol xxx
  • when i went and got samuel hes 1st shoes thay told me there gd when ur out&about but when ur in then bare foot is the best for them.i will leve it a few wks till i get layla her 1st shoes as all she does at the mo is roll ever were and for ??20 i wont her 2 have some wear out off them with samuel he had new shoes all the time and most off them was a wast off money.

    piggypops/mum2 jay samuel the same as ur 2 he was a size 3 at 6 1/2 months and as 2 years 3mth he a size 10 and he 2 cost me and hd a fortune on shoes lol.

    sarah,samuel 2 and layla 32wks x x x x x
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