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For those with teeny tiny babies :)

Hi ladies

For those of you who have babies on the smaller side - how much do they eat at their meals?

Obviously I don't expect Lyvi to eat as much as a baby the same age who weighs 10lb more than her and is probably almost twice her size :lol: because obviously her stomach is a lot smaller. But I was just wondering how much the smaller babies do eat?

I remember on a thread a while back someone said their baby eats 8 - 10 ice cubes of puree (think it might have been Cam? Sorry if I got that wrong!) - I think it probably takes Lyvi a week to eat that much!! Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the idea! image

Thanks, NN xx


  • Hi NattyNik,
    Ella is 16lb but still in 0-3 clothes and looks a lot smaller than she weighs if that makes sense.
    For breakfast she has a really small amount of banana porridge, this uses about 2oz of formula and is very runny (I struggle to get milk into her so try and disguise as much milk as possible in her meals)

    For lunch she usually has a cream cheese sandwich, a couple of organix snack things (eg. 1 sweetcorn ring and 1 tomato wheel thing)
    and a some fruit. Almost all of this ends up on the floor but I keep trying!! I then give her some fruit puree (about the equivalent of 1 ice cube) and a petit filous so I know she has actually eaten something.

    For tea she usually has the same as us, just pureed (she wont eat it with lumps). This is normally about the equivalent of 2 ice cubes. Sometumes she has a petit filous for dessert but sometimes doesn't want it.

    If we are out and about she has Ella's kitchen pouches and eats about half of a stage 1 pouch followed by petit filous.

    Mealtimes are starting to turn into a bit of a battle as she isn't eating very much and her weight gain is slowing down.

    Sorry that was a bit of a waffle!!

    How much is Olyvia eating?
  • Emilia is 7kg, so about 16lb and in 3-6 month clothing
    However she has a massive appetite, where she puts it I dont know!

    She will have 4 oz bottle followed by 4oz mixed with weetabix for breakfast.
    About 10 to 12 teaspoons of lunch followed by 3 oz of either rice pudding or semolina, she will then have 3 oz at 3pm and half a rusk.
    For tea she has about 6 to 8 teaspoons of a veg mash followed by a yoghurt, and then 6 or 7oz before bed!

    God seeing it written down I am suprised she is not the size of a house!! I can only assume she burns it all zooming around the house now she can crawl properly!

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