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Milk Spots

Hi ladies,

I was just wondering if any of your little ones have got milk spots? Eva came out in the spots all around her eyes and over her right cheek and they looked ever so sore although she doesn't seem bothered by them. As I wasn't sure what they were I took her to the doctor this morning and he said they were milk spots and they usually clear up in the first couple of months. He said they are completely normal, although Eva appears to have them worse than he would usually expect to see. Ah, my little girl looks a right sight at the moment, bless her x

Vickie & Eva 3 weeks old today x


  • Flynn got lots and lots of these all over his face in the first couple of weeks, and still has them not although not as many! Have a couple of photos where he looks pretty awful because of them, hehe! Sure Eva's will clear up soon!

    Rosalie and Flynn (24days)
  • jacon has these and looks like a spotty teen :lol: his are like little white heads not very attractive but they do come and go and hopefully wont be there too long x
  • Dylan has had these for about 3 days now so we took him to the dr's. Who diagnosed a possible milk allergy! Even though he only has one bottle at night and is breastfed all other times! Plus I was told to cut dairy out of my diet too! Needless to say I am going to another GP for a second opinion tomorrow. The spots are pretty unsightly though so hoping they will clear up in time.

    Kay and Dylan 3 weeks 4 days
  • Sasha has a few milk spots on the sides of her face and around her mouth. She also has spots on her body and legs at the moment, I took her to GP yesterday as I thought it might be chicken pox and she said it was something called Folliculitus which is aparently an infection of hair follicles. She said she wouldn't give her any antibiotics yet as they would probably make her feel unwell and it should clear up in 3-5 days. She is being sick a lot more than usual though and did 6 poos today!
  • James had them on his nose for a couple of weeks. Now he has red spots, that look like heat spots on his neck, shoulder and cheeks. He really needs to stop dribbling/vomiting his milk! x
  • Emilia has these on her back...they are really tiny. She also has developed a rash on her shoulders, neck, cheeks and sides of her head. It is similar to what Mithical is describing, I took her to the docs and he prescribed some cream but doesnt seem to be working. She is going back again tomorrow.
    I too think it is from Emilia dribbling and bringing up her milk. I have now started laying her on a muslin at night so if she does bring some up I can just whip that out and replace with a clean one. Plus a wipe her with cooled boiled water after each feed. Emilia doeant like it, but I keep telling her she cant keep looking like a spotty teenager!!!!

    Hopefully it will clear up soon. I am glad we are not the only ones though!!

    Hope babies are feeling better soon

    Joanna xx
  • We thought Emilie had milk spots at 2 weeks but it turned out to be Impetigo, keep an eye out that they dont start to look infected or scabby because you might need antibiotic cream like we did.

    She now has some actual milk spots in the "t zone" but I'm putting the antibiotic cream on them just in case!
  • Just an update for info...I took Emilia back to the docs today and she gave her some oilatum (sp) to put in her bath. Already it has made a difference to Emilia's skin - the doc thinks that Emilia is getting too hot and her clothes are rubbing on her and causing a rash.
    Not sure if that helps anyone but though would share

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