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Starting to worry

Hi lovely ladies!!
I am starting to get abit worried about LO after reading through the just for fun thread. It seems like Ella is the only Jan baby not sitting yet, she also doesn't crawl, pull herself up and doesn't have any teeth.
I'm not worrried about the tooth thing but am really starting to worry about the sitting, she doesn't seem to have any balance although she is quite strong (if I hold her hands she will stand). Every day I spend time playing with her on the floor with her 'sitting' between my legs but the moment I move so she isn't leaning on me she falls. I also sit her in a nest of cushions but she just lays back on them and doesn't hold herself up at all.
I spoke to HV a couple of weeks ago and she said not to worry until she is 8 months (she is 7 now) but I can't help it as everyone I know says their children were sitting at around 6 months.

Are anyone else's LO not sitting or do you know of anyone who started sitting later than this?

Thank you


  • i'm sure she's not the only jan baby not sitting yet hun. and as everyone always says...they do things in their own time!

    i#ve been sick of people telling me emmy would soon be crawling after seeing her climbing on all fours....she's done this since learning to sit (which she did do quite early) but it has taken her nearly 3 months! to figure out how to move from this position!

    also in my baby group there's not many of the babies can sit and a few of the older (8/9 months) babies are only just learning to do it now. i really wouldn't worry too much sweetie xxx

    oh, could you try putting her hands on the floor in front of her so she supports herself? as soon as emmy started trying to sit i used to do that and gradually she learned to sit like that, then with one hand etc
  • Don't worry! Flynn isn't sitting yet either!
  • Hi
    all babies develop at their own pace - and Monty seems to be very laid backimage
    he can kind of sit up but it's not consistent and only for around 10-20 seconds before he topples over! He only rolled for the first time the other day (from back to front, has never gone from front to back). He is healthy, strong, bright and most importantly, happy, so I'm not worried at all. He's 7 months next week by the way.
  • I wouldn't worry at all, Emilie only started sitting this week and she is 2 weeks short of 8 months, I didn't think she would get there already as she seemed to have no balance last week at all. I'm sure Ella will just surprise you one day soon and my HV said 9 months is also fine for starting to sit. x x
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