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congratulations to you all.

hello ladies,

i was princessA before BE changed my name????

i was due yesterday 23rd jan, but as most of u know my due in jan baby was born asleep in September, a perfect baby boy, Edward Mark.

i hope all you little bundles of joy have arrived safe and sound.

we are going to start TTC again now, i feel ready. so hopefully one day i will be able to share my happy birth story with you all image

lots of love to you all and ur babies

xxx Antonia XXXXX


  • I didnt know you as I was due in december (baby born 1/1/11 though). So sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for your wishes, and all the best for the future.

  • Hi princessA,

    How lovely to hear from you! I hope the 23rd wasn't too hard for you and I'm so pleased to hear you're ready to start trying again. That's brilliant news hon.

    Our son Alfie George arrived on 6 January by emergency c-section and he is wonderful!

    Please do stay in touch and we'll all be thrilled to hear your birth story one day soon.

    Faye and Alfie - 18 days xxx
  • hi! image I've been wondering if we would hear from you again image

    best of luck ttc again image let us know when you get your BFP wont you? so we can keep a track of your pregnancy and stalk you a little image

    Little Edward Mark will be remembered by all of us he was our first DIJ baby after all

  • thank you ladies your all so kind image

    luce- that is such a lovely thing to say, so glad my little man will be remembered.

    i will be sure to keep u all informed how im getting on, and will lean on u all for support im sure.

    i will keep popping in to see how u and ur little bundles r doing image

    love and hugs to all

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