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Terrible night...

:cry: Just sharing my horrible night with everyone so I don't feel quite so bad - feel free to ignore me!

It seems that Charlie is not impressed with his moses basket but loves mummy's bed instead! The second his head touches the moses basket he wakes up - even if he has been soundo just before I put him down! How does he know ?!!!!!

I love having him in bed with me don't get me wrong but I can't sleep as i'm paranoid about rolling on him or the covers coming up over his head etc... Also hubbie doesn't think it's a good idea having him in with us as he thinks he will get used to it and wont sleep in his own bed when older.

I think i'm going to try giving an expressed bottle of milk just before he goes to bed and see if this makes him sleep better and for longer as night times are a complete nightmare at the moment. He literally wont sleep unless he is in bed with me!

I guess I was spoilt with my first little boy as he was such a good sleeper and was going through the night by 5 or 6 weeks. Boy oh boy is this payback!

Think I clocked up a grand total of 90 minutes sleep last night!

I'm off to have a STRONG BLACK COFFEE!!

Hope you ladies aren't quite as zombie like as me!


x :roll:


  • We are letting our baby sleep between us as i fed him then i usually fall asleep. He has slept in the moses but usually plays up! He sleeps better in it in the day.
  • How old is Charlie? When we first bought Oscar home, he wouldnt sleep in his moses basket at all night (no problem in the day!). I spent the first week with him sleeping on me! Terrible I know, but he wouldnt even sleep on our bed. As he has got a bit bigger (3 weeks 3 days now), he now will sleep in his basket, although it is tough to settle him sometimes - like you, we put him down when he's fast asleep and as soon as he's down he wakes! We sometimes put him down on his side rather than his back as he seems to prefer this. Also, if he wakes in his basket and he isnt too aggitated, I use a dummy and play white noise on my phone to him and just pop my hand on his tummy and say 'shhhhh', and (about half the time) after 5-10min, he falls asleep. We often let him sleep in bed with us in the morning after his 7am feed - he settles well, and it gives us another few hours of much needed sleep!

    We have also started giving Oscar a top-up of formula at his 8/9pm feed. And we use expressed milk at midnight and his 3am feed - partly so we know he is eating enough to help him sleep well, and partly for a purely lazy/selfish reason as it doesnt take as long! I do feel a bit guilty giving him formula, but I cant express enough and I was finding myself exhausted from being awake and constantly feeding which was making me unhappy and Im sure having an effect on Oscar too. I started Oscar with a bottle at about 8 or 10 days old. A lot of people say you shouldnt introduce too early, but I was struggling feeding at night and didnt see a way round it. He doesnt seem to have a preference for the bottle and when he is hungry he roots and goes for my chest (or anyone elses chest that happens to be near by!), but I am starting to worry that because feeding from the bottle is so much easier, he is getting lazy and not working as hard when breastfeeding, and therefore taking less - just something to watch out for.

    Try and get a nap when Charlie settles, and hope you have a better night tonight image
  • Thx for your replies girls.

    I had a better night last night, mainly because I slept on the settee so I didn't have to move the moses basket from downstairs and risk waking Charlie up! I also expressed 4oz of milk off yesterday and when he woke at 4am for his feed I gave him it from the bottle. He took a while to suss it out but he took it well in the end and I've breast fed him twice this morning so he hasn't forgotten or anything!(Stupid of me to think he would forget overnight I know)

    He settled back down in his moses basket twice last night and only fell asleep on me from about 7am so maybe things are looking up (or maybe it was just a fluke and tonight will be terrible again! Who knows?)

    Hope things are going ok for you guys

  • Hi,

    Have you tried putting a hot water bottle in his basket before you put him down so he's not going from lovely warm you to chilly basket? Helps a bit with Holly x
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