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Going back to hospital...

Some of you DIJ ladies may remember that whilst pregnant the scan results showed a lump on baby's head but at follow ups they thought it had gone....

well, She still has the lump so we now have an appointment for Immy to have a scan to check what it is. Hospital don't seem to think it's anything major to worry about but have to get it checked anyway.


  • hi clareabella....that doesn't sound very pleasant, poor Immy. what sort of lump is it? Have they given you any indication of what they will be looking for? Do you have to wait long for the appointment?

    Mia has one just behind her ear that no-one is sure what it is, but we are just being told to 'keep an eye on it' for the moment. It doesn't cause her any distress, so we're hoping it's just connected to the soft skull plates.

    Hope Immy gets the all-clear soon xxx
  • Hi hun, they always said that they thought it was just a cyst but thought it had gone because they couldn't see it on the scans. It's only small and unless you know what you're looking at you wouldn't really notice and probably just think it's one of the normal lumps and bumps of a baby's head, but we noticed it straight away.

    We had to chase up about it because no one mentioned it but they seemed so concerned whilst i was pregnant with her.

    It's not affecting her eating though so can't be doing her any harm, just makes us worry.
  • Ah Hun that's rubbish they forgot about you!

    It's prob nothing to be worried about though if she's fine!

    When is the scan likely to be. Poor little thing!

  • I hope the lump turns out to be nothing and it disappears on its own hon. But getting it checked out to put your mind at rest is a good thing. When do you go in?

    By the way, i love that you call her Immy image

  • We've got our appointment for 7th Feb for the scan and then the consultant is on the 21st (i think) to discuss the results. really hoping it's nothing. She seems happy enough so it should be ok.
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