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glad last week is over ...

Well our little man certainly kept us on our toes.

He came doen with jaundice on day 3 and had a blood test when he was a week old, and although he had a good level of bilirubin, they decided it would go down by itself.

A couple of days later, we went to hospital for follow up test to make sure it was coming down, and they kept us in. Harry has spent 4 days inside a phototherapy bed, which can only be described as lokking like a sandwich toaster,

His levels came down quite quickly and we're back home now and he looks like he has just come back from hols.

It was horrid not being able to cuddle or feed him, I had to express and they fed down a tube so he is being totally ruined with cuddles now.

Hubby is quite an expert at running a house, shopping and keeping other 3 amused lol. The mums at school love him.

Congratultions to the BS I've missed and hope those still waiting are not waiting too long

Lisa and Harry x


  • Sounds like you've had a mare of it hun. Glad all is well now though!
  • oo Lisa...glad things are settling for you now. They can worry us silly, can't they? We had a scare with our Mia when she was 4 days old...she decided in the middle of the night that breathing wasn't all that important, so she just stopped - several times!! My god, we have never been so scared in our lives, and felt so helpless, like you describe with Harry in his phototherapy cot....we had a ride in an ambulance at 2am, and all was eventually well, but we could do without another episode!

    Glad Harry is on the mend and making up for his missed cuddles with mummy and daddy! (ps my OH has also suddenly found the capability to use the hoover, do the shopping etc ....amazing!) xx
  • Oh my goodness earwig, that must have been terrifying! You poor things. Have you found out what caused it? What did they say at hospital?
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