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is any 1 else not looking 4ward to jabs?? 2 weeks till ours r due....

i hated it last time with my son, i nearly too soft!



  • We have the first lot tomorrow!! Really dreading it!!

    Hubs took our son for his so it'll be a first for me!! Lol!!

  • Faith had hers in February and it was fine. She did cry but not for long and was soon back to her normal self. xx
  • I am really dreading Lorelei's. Its 2 weeks today and I just know she will scream, luckily its at 9:15am so she has the rest of the day to forgive me image
  • Hi,

    Noah had his last week and was fine. He cried when he was injected (and I warn you it's a horrible cry!) but after a cuddle was absolutely fine. He was very sleepy afterwards for a day or 2 and was a bit grouchy later in the evening but some calpol soon put him right. Honestly they will be fine - the nurse told me babies are easy it's when they are able to remember that it becomes a nightmare apparantly!

    Good luck xx
  • Oliver had his yesterday! It wasn't bad really... but I'm a wimp. I nearly cried and had to distract myself with consent forms and stuff. image

    but he was back to normal after a couple of hours grouchy time! And apparently the next lot are worse as it makes them a bit poorly image xx
  • Mia has hers next week, which is something for us all to look forward to!!! To be honest, I'm hoping to be okay with it, but I'll reserve judgement on how my OH will deal with it....daddy bear with his bear cub!!!

    We had enough screams from Mia when she got rushed to hospital at 4 days old and they tried several times to put a cannula in her hand and take LOTS of blood, so I reckon we've seen the worst and the jabs will be a walk in the park......hopefully!!

    Getting prepared for an unsettled night tho, and stocking up on the Calpol!!

    Good luck, brave xx
  • The heel prick test was pretty awful so in thinking she'll be fine!

    Our babies are too small to be hurt so much!!! Lol!!

    I've got calpol too.

    Aleias are at 9.30 so hoping she will be ok after hour or do!!

  • aww poor babies....yep will stock up on the calpol!!

  • Stan went to have his on Tuesday, but he had a temperature, so they wouldn't give the jab to him. So trying again next Tuesday.
  • We had our yesterday and it was truly awful!! Prob more for me than baby!! Lol!!

    She was so good through the examination and being poked around all smiles for the doc then jab and man did she scream! It was awful!!

    Had a bit if calpol yesterday and seems fine today!

    Our babies are too young for such pain!!

  • They definitely get harder as they get older cos can see the confusion in their wee face. I have to take Lorelei along with me to get Niamh's jabs and am dreading that more as she used to freak out when I had midwife take my blood pressure or feel my bump so seeing her sister get a needle and cry will be some craic!
  • Megan has hers today!

    But like earwigs Mia, Megan was poked and proded for days on end, canulars and blood taken n checked every few hours for days n days on end, had lines in her belly button and even had a lumberpuncture image

    so hopefully this will be a walk in the park for her, we will see!!

  • Stan's temperature had returned to normal, so he had his jabs today. His cry wasn't too bad. I put my finger in his after the first jab, then straight on the boob after the second.
  • hi all....well Mia's jabs were the uneventful things I hoped they would be. She was great through the exams etc, and only cried for about 10 seconds after the jabs, and was easy to settle. And I was the harsh mother I know I nonsense! If I'm gonna grow Mia into a mini-Marine Commando, she's gonna have to put up with more that that!! Nickireg...I didn't think of sticking her on the boob straight away...but then we were kinda hustled back out the door immediately, so no time for that! :lol:

    Sian....poor Megan, after all that she's had done to her, I doubt she'll even notice a couple of pins!! Poor mite! x
  • we've not had a date for Daniel's jabs yet. He'll be 8 weeks on Sat. I'll mention it to the HV if nothing's arrived by Friday. Not looking forwards to them, just hope my OH is not on shift when he needs them image
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