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Early Scan.....not looking needed!

Went to have an early scan today (7wks6d) because of past miscarriage - however they found it really hard to see (slightly higher bmi) They did acknowledge sac, embryo etc but only measured 4.2 mm - it should be alot bigger now. It feels similar to last time, a missed miscarriage - heart beat thought to not have kicked in this scan they could not detect a heartbeat..... I have another scan next week....what do you think? my bmi making it hard to see? or an embryo that has ceased? image...... by my reckoning the earliest i could be is 7wks 2days.... doesn't bode well does it? Any support/advice....desperately needed.




  • was your bladder full enough? i have heard that it can hinder detecting the heartbeat, when my sister was pregnant with her first they kept having to send her out to drink more water,and in the end they had to do a internal scan. i no it will be hard but try not to worry to much, you have another scan next week? i will be keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything goes well.

  • thank you...external scan was unclear....but then internal was not much better. Hubby said he thought he kept spotting a bean shape! the scanning lady, said her machine was new and she couldn't be sure....and then she said 50/50 chance....

    thanks very much for your support...appreciatedimage x
  • hey I had to have an internal scan and they said they could see sac etc but no heartbeat, I had to wait 2 agonising weeks for another scan, I was sure I had lost the baby as all my pregnancy symptoms had disappeared...

    I was proven completely wrong though, my dates were so haywire and we now have a gorgeous 10 week old baby girl, sometimes the scans just arent that clear.

    Fingers crossed everything goes well for you xx
  • no worries, and hopefully your next scan will bring very good news, keep us posted image

  • I didn't think your BMI affected an internal scan? Could it be that you're not as far along as you thought, maybe you implanted a little late? Fingers crossed for your next scan xx
  • thanks, this is very positive and reassuring! An agonising 2 weeks i can imagine. xx
  • I don't have any advise or anything hun but just wanted to say good luck and hopefully you just got your dates wrong. Hope everything will be ok for you x
  • it is such an awful time for you and i hope that your next scan is much clearer and can tell you exactly what is going on. Lots of hugs x x x
  • I had an early scan with toddler and according to dates should have been 7 weeks but I knew I ovd late and was only 5+4 which is why only the sac and no hb was visable. I had a further scn at 8+4 and all was well. If I was goinf off dates alone I would have been stressed. How sure of dates r u?
  • Are you sure of your dates? I had an empty sack and had to keep going back for scans at 4, 6 and 8 weeks it was horrendous and all over the xmas period too so had to tell all the family what was going on. It wasnt meant to be but now I am 7+5 and fg this pregnancy is going ok (touch wood)

    Lets hope that your little bean is just very shy and you are not as far a long as you think you are xx
  • I don't have anything helpful to add but just wanted to say that I'm keeping everything crossed for you.

    Mrs B xxx
  • Thanks everyone for your support and wishes....well no untoward things (if you know what i mean) have happened (yet) fingers crossed until next thursday...

    re dates.....hmmm period.....1st april....then sort of stopped and then restarted probably 4th April....I did ovulation test strips and the line was getting dark on 17th April and Dark on 18th i presume ovulation perhaps 19th April ish....periods are roughly every 30 i think eariest i could be is 7 weeks says i am 8 weeks today in the way they work it out...but even i think it is probably slightly less than this. Anyone shed any light on this info?!!

    the ultrasound was very unclear... and if she measured 4.2 mm.. to my reckoning this is about 6 weeks....

    I'm trying to hold out hope as a friend had a similar situation - she showed me her scan picture at 8 weeks didn't look too clear and at 6 weeks they saw nothing. The only thing is she hadn't miscarried that is why i have the worry. So want it to be there.....

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