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Has anyone else been approached to take part in a medical trial while pregnant?

Saw the consultant today and agreed to take part in a trial (providing I fit after gtt tests on Thursday). Testing metaformin (could be on the placebo anyway) which is already well tested as safe during pregnancy, and is looking to see if it will help reduce weight gain during pregnancy in the overweight, and reduce likely weight of baby and improve their health longer term.

It's difficult with medical trials as you certainly don't want to risk yourself of babe but in this instance I think that there is virtually no risk and the potential for quite a few benefits for both myself and babe.

Certainly should be interesting, doesn't require much difference from what I'd normally be doing during pregnancy.

I couldn't do it if it was a totally untested drug on humans, but certainly raised interesting points about when do you or don't you consider doing things like this.


  • when i was pregnant with toby i was put on insulin and told that metformn wasnt appropriate in pregnancy. This time i was put on insulin and metformin at 13 weeks but it had a terrible effect on my bowels (sorry tmi) and i had to stop taking it. I was nervous about it in any case so i am happy with just insulin. If you know it is safe in pregnancy then i cant see why not, i was just panicing i think!
  • A side effect can be bowel problems, it's supposed to not be too bad on the trial as they start you on a low dose and potentially increase so far less likely to have problems.

    Interesting how things change as the research I did certainly seemed to suggest it was fairly common to take it now.
  • things change so fast it seems common place to take it now and becasue i was so early going onto it it would have helped to keep down the massive amounts of insulin that i needed with toby at the end.

    Good luck with the trial and keep us posted x
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