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Bump buddies

Hi everyone,

Might be being a bit dim here, but what is a bump buddy?

There was a lady on a bounty forum saying she wants to meet a bump buddy.

I just assumed she meant someone in her area due around the same sorta time, but she went on to say she wanted someone due a few weeks later than her so they wouldnt be in labour at the same time!

Is it someone to be at the actual birth with you?!


  • i assumed it was someone around the same time as you, but maybe I'm wrong too!
  • I'm all up for making new friends but to want them at the labour with me we'd have to get pretty close in the four months left lol image

    And not sure I'd want to be at someone elses labour just a couple of weeks before my own! It would all be too fresh in my mind!
  • Sorry am GC from DID, I can only help with what it would mean on here... A bump buddy is someone due near you but not too close ideally that you will contact when your LO is born to make your annoucement on your Due In Forum for you and you would also do the same for them. What the lady on Bounty means I'm not certain but would guess as someone due near her so they can share the experiences of being a Mum together, not actually be at the birth!

    Hope this helps!

    Jo x
  • That makes sense!
  • yeah it's just someone you text when the baby is born so they can make the announcement on here. usually that person is due around the same time.
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