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Anyone felt anything yet? I've had a few tiny flutters but about half hour ago felt a really strong flutter! Hasn't done it again since tho...they are definately getting stronger n more frequent!

I didnt think i'd feel it this early with it being my first!


  • I felt the baby do a flip the other week, and I get the occasional bout of kicking at night. The kicks aren't like proper kicks yet though, just like slight tapping x
  • Yes I have, I am feeling them more frequent now. First of all thought it was my tummy gurgling but then realised it was baby. Makes me smile when I feel them. xx
  • Since i felt that good strong flutter earlier, i've had another two! Its very strange but also the most amazing feeling ever! image
  • Ooh I have too, first time I really felt baby was on the 4th, he or she turned over in my belly, was a very odd feeling. Have just had little kicks since then, once it was strong but they're just gentle most of the time, and I just layed down and baby kicked my hand twice image love it!!!

  • yeah lots and it's fab, i can never have enough kicks and prods! When i woke up this morning, i stretched, put my hand on my belly and got a great big nudge. like the baby was saying ' morning mummy'! so cute. this IS the best bit about pregnancy. baby seems to respond to our cats too. whenever they are near me and start purring, it sets off bubs, v cute.
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