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Healhy eating tips!

hi all

how are you all getting on with eating these pregnancy 'superfoods'.

im a bit overwhelmed by it all...there are so many foods i read i should be eating.

i know its good for baby so im trying to make a real effort, drinking milk, eating almonds etc.

wondering whether we could share tips on ideas for healthy snacks?! might get the ones struggling motivated!!

my tip is baby spinach - from the veg aisl in supermarkets , usually ??1 - i put that in a bowl, throw in some croutons and cucumber and caesar dressing - tastes yum and healthy!! i get through half a packet a day and it makes me feel less guilty when i eat junkimage

anyone want to share their tips on this thread? will certainly help me if no one else!!!


19+1 xxxx


  • hi hun

    well i don't know about tips but i always eat fruit first thing in the morning. it's an easy way to get on the right track for the 5 a day. I also have a glass of fruit juice ( pure pressed juice NOT from concentrate). Also try to hve yoghurt and cereal to get in the calcium. Followed by cereal for iron and energy.

    mid morning snack - share a banana with my daughter.

    I agree re baby spinach - i love the stuff. sometimes chuck it in with pasta as well. Works well cooked on the hob with baby tomatoes and served with fish.

    I've not been too good with fish recently ( can't stomach the smell when cooked!) but i do eat a lot of chicken.

    Am a bit of a bugger for crisps and chocolate now and again so need to reign that one in. I spoke to a personal trainer at the gym the other day and she said the best way to deal with the crisps and chocolate situation is just to have it once a week. That way, we're not banning it so don't feel deprived but are controlling our intake. i'm hoping this works!!

    Juicing is a really good way to ensure the 5 a day intake. I quite often have carrot, apple, celery, cucumber and maybe grapes or nectarines. my little girl loves it too. surprisingly filling and gives me a real energy boost too.

    hope that helps!

    R x
  • I've been eating a youghurt n banana for breakfast and removed all the rubbish from my drawer at work and replaced them with brazil nuts and fruit.

    I eat shed loads of veg anyway, i am slightly concerned am not getting enough calcium tho!

    Has anyone gained much weight? I was 65kg on my first mw visit, when i had my glucose test i was 62kg n now im 65kg again. So slightly concerned about that but i'm literally eating all the time!

    E x
  • At the minute I'm more concerned about finding foods that doesn't make me want to vomit. I'm still struggling with my appetite, spinach and salad makes me incredibly uncomforable in my tummy, and any kind of carb does the same. I'm totally off meat and the only thing I seem happy enough to eat is tuna, which I'm not really supposed to have in large quantities.

    One thing I have found that I am really enjoying at the minute is fresh orange juice, and fresh orange juice ice lollies. I can literally sit there and drink or eat it all day!

    I've actually lost around 7kg at my 17 week check, so probably down a stone and a half from the 5lbs I should have already gained.

    Any tips on getting my appetite back? x
  • sorry about the typo in 'healthy'

    all good tips girls i need to drink more juice and water .

    Lady is Broody - sorry ur having trouble with appetite. not sure if this will help but read in a baby mag that tiredness makes sickness worse so it said to try to have a power nap in the day...maybe doing that might not make you as sick when eating certain foods?

    sorry couldnt be more help.

    been good day made myself a banana milkshake and whizzed in a bit of vienetta ice cream, tastes good! and had some melon. so todays a guilt free day lol

  • I'm still struggling too no appetite and nausea still around, still haven't put any weight on but baby is fine and midwife says baby's measuring perfect.

    Am developing allergies again so being careful with food, hopefully the allergy tests and consultant will be able to sort it out in a fortnight image as long as I'm getting my iron, vitamins and folic acid I'm not too worried at the moment. Hope you're all feeling fab image

    Mrs T and pink bump xxx
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