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Good Luck Girls

Hey girls

I hope you all had a lovely christmas. Just thought I'd jump on and wish you all an easy and fairly pain free labour and I can't wait to hear all the birth announcments and see piccys of our littlens.

Good luck xxxxx


  • Hey CW. Hope you had a good Christmas and you're all prepared for the impending arrival.

    Had a bit of a 'scare' last night. Bd'd with hubby and it looked like a murder scene afterward. Blood everywhere (sorry if tmi). I'd been having period cramps earlier in the evening but no contractions. Anyway, rang the hospital and they said probably just irritated the cervix and keep and eye on the bleeding. All fine now and baby still moving around. Got the midwife this evening so hoping she'll tell me baby is engaged.

    I've been getting a lot of stabbing nerve pain in my bum and tops of my legs so think bubs is headbutting a nerve. It gets so bad that my legs give way.

    Anyway, good luck everyone. Looking forward to some birth stories.

  • Best wishes girls

    Anyone hit the sales? Being sling and mega big I just went to mothercare to get last few bit too excited ended up buying a few hats and mittens that i don't need (but they looked sooo cute!)

    Also got full price pack of newborn socks which I probably won't use eitherbut talked myself into getting! Lol

    Cant believe the latest day I will meet baby is next Thu! That's if it's still breech and i don't labour earlier

    Looking forward to Mdwf appt tmrw



  • Hope u all had a lovely Xmas.

    Can't believe the first of our little ones are arriving.... Is someone not having a planned c section tomorrow? Best of luck to everyone! I'm looking forward to reading birth stories and seeing the first pics!

    Lots of love

  • Good luck to ladies! I am very excited but very nervous about whats to come n not seeing my mw until 39+4 as clinics closed this week.

    OH and I have had a very quite few days, doing things we won't have the chance to do so much when little legs arrives. I feel huge at the minute & can hardly move due to all the pressure so have hit the sales online & bought a few things for me instead of baby! S/he has enough until i no what team we r on!

    Good luck girlies, hope we all have the births we want! image
  • Can't believe we're all discussing baby arrivals! Hoping to last another 5 weeks but at last scan baby was measuring big and blood pressure starting to creep up so looking unlikely. Midwife tomorrow then scan next Wed so may know in the next week what's happening.

    Baby is definitely very low, leaning on my sciatic nerve so can't walk very far and get backache from the slightest thing. Sleep is also a huge issue, spent the last week waking at 4 and never going back!
  • Can't believe we discussing arrivals either!

    Well today's Mdwf check showed bubs still breech AND is also lying back to back!

    Double whammy lol. Got Pre assessment tmrw at hosp then c sec next thu!

    All exciting stuff - so looking forward to reading about first birth.

    All te best to u all

  • Good Luck ladies - stay positive and remember the little package you get at the end of labour (easier said then done I know!) This is my second time

    So I know what's coming..... Can't wait to hear your news soon. X
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