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Isaac's arrival! bit of a drama!

Hello. Had my baby on tuesday. Started getting twinges at 8.20am, then at 10am was having contractions every 2 mins, called husband at 10.30 when the contractions weren't as manageable. He got home about 11.20am. Called the BC and they tols us to come in. Arrived about 12.05pm. Isaac arrived at 12.57pm! No time to get in pool. By time I got to delivery was ready to push. 9lb 13.5oz!

BUT had some retained placenta. Blood loss quite heavy and clots. Around 10pm collapsed and was ambulanced to hospital in the next town and was in theatre by 11pm after a spinal block having clots and retained placenta removed. Got an infection and anaemia so on regular drips of antibiotics and they are still deciding whether I get a blood transfusion!


  • Big congratulations. Bless you, sounds like the delivery of your son was the easy bit, scary afterwards though. I hope you get sorted soon
  • Hope you are getting there. I was lucky to avoid similar with my first.

    The 17th was a good day to have a baby image
  • Congratulations on the arrival of Isaac - fantastic news. Sorry you had to go through that and still trying to recover. Hope you're okay. Get well soon xxx
  • congratulations on Isaacs safe arrival... welcome to the world Isaac! And wow what a weight, and superfast delivery. Sorry to hear you had a bit of a rough time afterward, wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • Congratulations on the birth of Isaac, sorry you had a tough time afterwards. I hope you are out and on the mend now.

    Take care

  • Congratulations xxx
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