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Who's all left?

Hi ladies, Congratulations to everyone who has had their babies!! I've not been on here for awhile but i have been checking in to see everyone's progress

Who is still waiting for their new arrivals? I think I will be on of the last ones to go into labour I'm due on the 30th. Wish this little one would hurry up image

Hope u are all well


  • I'm also due on the 30th, hoping baby would hurry up as getting impatient now! Do you know what your having? x
  • I am the exact same. I cant wait to finally meet the cheeky little baby that has been kicking me for all of these months lol. I am having a girl image Do u know what u are having?

    How are u feeling about labour? is this your first?x
  • Girls are the best image we have a little girl who actually turns 2 tomorrow image hoping I don't go into labour on her Birthday! We dont know what we are having this time but really don't mind. Have you got names all sorted?

    Feeling ok about labour as know what to expect. How are you feeling? Have you been trying anything to urge baby along? X
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