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My baby is here!

My baby girl arrived on her due date 23rd Jan at 0035 weighing 8lb 13oz! She still has no name!

I woke up on Sun 22nd at 7am having niggles but nothing that made me think baby was on its way as Id been having lots of period type pains along with braxton hicks throughout my pregnancy! I done my ironing and went to visit family with my DD, returning home about 7pm! At 9.30pm I was contracting every 5-7 mins but they werent very painful or lasting long. I called labour ward as my first labour was only 6 hours, but the midwife said if I was happy to stay at home she was happy for me to do so, she said review it in an hour and ring back. Every time I sat down on my birthing ball they stopped! I watched Wild at Heart which Id recorded earlier and then read some of my book! Come 11.20pm my contractions were stronger but still not lasting long, hubby called the labour ward to tell them we were coming in! He also called his parents to come look after our DD who was in bed. Just as I got in the car my waters broke and I could feel baby coming. I had to sit on my knees facing the back seats as I couldnt sit down. We arrived at the hospital and I was taken into resus in a&e on an ambulance trolley on all fours where I met the midwife Id spoken to earlier.... she apologised for not making me come in sooner. Baby was delivered in a&e after having only been in the hosp for 25 mins. The midwives were lovely as were the a&e nurses who stayed to watch. All the staff in a&e came in to meet the baby after she was born as its not something that happens in our hospital very often! We got home 12 hours later and have settled into our lovely family of 4!

Congrats to everyone who has had their baby, and good luck to those of you still waiting!



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