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Sickness :(

Sat am my desk looking at the lunch i really want to eat but dont think i can!

Have been sick 4 times and its only 12.30 image Started this morning in the shower, everytime I put my head under the hot water just this huge wave of nausea which led me to get out and throw up - it was just pure bile. Happened again whilst i was putting my make up on, really didnt want to go to work, but knew i had to! Have come to work and the waves are horrendous - couldnt drink my morning coffee so had a cup of tea instead - how i regretted that! Have been to the toilets a few times since heaving image(  The sickness was never this bad with my ds who's 2 but with my 1st dd I had the feeling all day everyday which lasted more or less the entire pregnancy!!

Have just ordered myself some travel sickness bands, worked a treat before, fingers crossed they do again.

Hope you ladies arent feeling it to bad xxx


  • Hello there - poor you, you must be feeling dreadful. It's horrible being at work when you feel rough at the best of times, but coping with morning sickness is awful.

    I am lucky and not feeling too bad - just starting to go off a few things I think as I did last time (ie salad and veg - all the healthy stuff!). I feel hungry but don't know what I want to eat.

    Hope you manage to get through the day OK. xxx

  • Oh you poor thing and hope the travel bands help.  I used these with my DD and found they worked a treat but nobody told me about them until 37 weeks.  I had awful sickness in the first 16 week of my last pregnancy.  I have had a couple of waves of nausea with this pregnancy but nothing significant.  The fun started at 6.5 weeks last time!

    Hope you have a speedy day and manage to eat something.


  • Turns out it was a bug! My oh came home ill lol xx couldn't have coped with that everyday xx
  • Oh NO - hope things are better now.  image Whadda mistaka to maka! image

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