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I feel like such a fatty!

Well girls, ive had to give in this morning and put some maternity trousers on, not because i have a bump but because my other trousers are so tight and hurt when i sit down! lol. Yesterday i sat with them undone for majority of the day at work, and today i thought sod it ,i need to be comfortable.  Going to have to get some safety pins though for my other trousers in the mean time.

I just feel like a right fatty, i hate the stage of pregnancy when you look fat. Wonder if my bump will come earlier as this is my 3rd.

Im eating like im pregnant - really must stop lol. Have already eaten 2 pieces of toast, a melted cheese and muffin and dinner time is in an hour! Working in a school and having yummy school dinners really isnt going to help - wonder if i can resist the cake and custard today?!! 

Much love xx


  • Hi wishful-thinking

    I know how you feel, my jeans are far too tight at the mo so just been living in leggings! lol.image. This is my 2nd and i feel much more bloated this time, all around my belly lol. I am eating loads, but feeling sick loads as well, much more than last time, today i have eaten some shredded wheat this morning, lots of juice, a cheese and ham sarnie plus a jelly and some cherry tomatoes! So random lolimage.

    Caz X

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