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early pregnancy cramps

Hi every1 i am 19 and just over 5 weeks pregnant and couldnt be happierimage , but i    have been gettin strong period like pains a few times a day and its worse when i am stood up. Even thoe my doctor has said its normal i cnt help worrying is any1 else feeling the same, would be grateful for any advice from ladies with the same problem


  • Hey,  I wouldn't worry too much.  I had these types of pains for the first few weeks.  I think it is just your body stretching etc to accommodate the baby!  I am 12 weeks now with my first (got my scan on Monday!).  Congratulations on your pregnancy.  Fingers crossed for a happy and healthy 9 months ahead for you! xx

  • Congratulations hun, it sounds like the same as i have had recently I was told by epu to take a paracetamol and make sure i dont stress about anything and take it easy for a while it should be all be fine and will go away, its just your body adjusting.  If it gets worse then to go to A and E hun, im 7 +1 weeks now and it comes and goes still just enjoy being pregnant and have a healthy 9 months xxx


  • Hi,

    I'm 4 weeks plus 3 days and I have had the same - sometimes quite powerful cramping, but nothing beyond bad period pains (which is where I normally call on my good friend this has been a little hard to get used to for me!). Mine are also worse standing up - with the lovely weather we've been having, I've found an ice pack is really helpful (rather than a hot water bottle).
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