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please help - i want to change my maternity dates

hi ladies, my little girl is due on the 15th of July, I start maternity on 1st of july with a week annual before so leave work on the 25th of june. HOWEVER, my Dad died 2 weeks ago and I am really struggling to sleep, trying to grieve and trying to keep going for my baby. I want to know if I can change my maternity dates, it says in my handbook I can change my start date with 28 days notice, but is this 28 days before your maternity is due to start or 28 days before you want to change to? I am confused!!


  • Not 100% but I think as long as it is less than 11 weeks before your due date you can start your maternity leave. Best bet is to have a chat with your supervisor, or phone up HR if you want to keep them out of it for now. Alternatively visit your GP and they may sign you off sick.

    Hope this helps a little. So sorry for your loss, it's hard at any time but must be particularly difficult with a little one on the way. Sending massive hugs xxx

  • Sorry to hear your news.  Are you able to take a couple of weeks compassionate leave to help you get some rest and give you some much needed time?

  • Hiya, I work in HR and its 28 days before your new revised start date of your maternity leave.

    However under the circumstances im sure they'll be sympathetic... go and have a word with them, failing that see your doctor and see if you can get some time off.

    Take care hun


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