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Maternity pay and SMP

Hi ladies, how are we all doing?

Just wondered if anyone could shed some light on maternity pay and SMP for me. Although this is my 2nd pregnancy, my working hours have changed since the last time I was pregnant so I'm not sure of a few things.

My company uses my average earnings from wk15 to 22 of my pregnancy for maternity pay calculations. During this time I was signed off work for 3 weeks by the doctor, but was still recieving full pay. does anyone know if this will affect the amount of maternity pay I receive?

Also I work 3 days a week. When I drop to SMP, will I receive the full weekly amount of SMP or will it be recalculated so that I only get 3/5ths of the weekly amount?

Any advice is greatly recieved.

Thanks NTT xx


  • I am self employed but was employed during my last pregnancy and I think if you earn less than SMP you receive 90% of your average earnings instead.  I used to work 2 days a week so I got 90% of my pay instead of SMP

  • That sounds right to me too either SMP or 90%. Your HR department should be able to give you some exact figures.
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