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Braxton Hicks

Morning Ladies,

Has anybody experienced Braxton Hicks yet? I had them all day yesterday and they were quite painful. I phoned my midwife and she said that i am overdoing things and need to relax more, i am still going swimming, walking the dog, housework etc etc.

They are much better today but i am exhausted and my bump aches like when you have overdone exercise.

I know that i need to slow down but it is hard as i am such an active person!!

Anyone else had them?

G xx


  • I only got them in the last few weeks with my 1st but this time have been having lots for weeks.  They can be quite uncomfortable.  Probably because I've got a toddler to run around after this time!

  • Not sure but I think I had my first last night (30+5). I had a bad cramp which kept me awake for over an hour on the left side of my bump and have woken up with terrible back ache in my left side which has forced me to stay home from work oday - I can hardly move at times! Not sure if it's BH, i've been overdoing it (not likely!) or just one of those things....?!


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