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1st Birthdays :)

Hey ladies and babies, how are you all??

Was just wondering what ideas everyone for 1st birthday pressents... i dont really have any ideas as carter has everything that floyd had so am a bit stuck!!! so far i have got him a waybaloo ride on car n thats as far as i've got....

Can't quite believe that i am having to think about this already where on earth has this year gone??? :\?

Any insperation would be good

hope everyone is well



  • Hi,

    Jack is 1 in 3 weeks time and we have got him a smart trike...his Dad would have got him a real bike if he could :lol: I have also got him a wooden push along truck that has bricks in. I don't think other than maybe some clothes we are getting much else as already the presents from others are building up! He is at grandma and grandads mon/tues and nursery wed-fri every week so he doesn't really need loads of toys at home. Saying that the lounge is still like toys r us !!!!!

    We are having a bbq on the sunday the day before as well and I am decorating the garden etc... for that. It's weather permitting just going to be a bit of an open house for the afternoon so am just trying to organise that. I am making cupcakes and my cupcake stand arrived yesterday!! So exciting....imageimage

    Where did the year go?
  • hi

    Nicole is not 1 until 29th of july which is on a thursday si we decded to bring her to the zoo on her birthday and have her party onthe 31st. we have already bought her a huge wooden jungle gym and swing set (the toystore was closing down so we got it at a great price). a vtech rocker and grow thing and a few other things, (we went complety overboard).
    What we have organised is handmade birthday invites which i have done already. a huge party back our house with curry, lasange, salad, and a few other pieces. and her birthday theme is pink butterflys and princess, were also doing a cupcake stand SAZZLE WHERE DID U GET UR'S AND HOW MUCH? sorry to ask but i am trying to find one.
    were also letting the 12 kids stay over in our house the night ( nieces & newphews) with a promise of a waterfight if its nice ( i've even made out invite for them)
    we are going over the top i know but we can't wait

    i can't beklieve that the year has flown by so quick.

  • Hi Cha,

    I got the cupcake stand from Amazon, it holds 23 cakes but you can get bigger or smaller. It looks lush...I work in the bakery industry and they look amazing when fill with gorgeous cupcakes....we use them for shows and stuff. I am sooo excited xxx Oh and it was 14.99 I think with free p+p

    Your plans sound like so much fun...hey they will only have one first birthday that's what I say!
  • Hi girls..first birthdays chat already! Time has flown!! Were getting Evie her first pushchair and dolly, i have a 4 year old soon and upto now its all been about cars, lorries etc! Evie likes books and especially those lift flaps ones so will get her some more of those.
    Were having a bbq (weather permitting) for her on her birthday which falls on a saturday. Cant believe my baby girl is nearly 1!!

    Your plans sounds great for your little ones xx
  • Hi girls we are taking harri to chester zoo for his birthday but i havent a clue what to buy him !! With already having having 4 other boys the house is full of boys toys and kai already as a little tikes trike and cozy coupe that are like brand new so it doesnt make sense to but them again! So any ideas would be helpful .I do want to to get him a shape sorter coz he likes them but other then that im stuck!
    Glad everyone is doing well !This time last year we where all waiting for our little babies to arrive .Mad isnt it!!
    Luv clare
  • Hi
    I love the idea of a first pushchair and dolly, Lily has so much already alot of it handed down from friends and no doubt she will be totally spoilt by everyone.
    We are having a little get together for her baby friends on the saturday and then family and god parents to a bbq on the sunday weather permitting. I have started to look at birthday decorations 6 weeks time I can not believe this year has flown
  • Hi girls,Ethan is 1 in a month which is unbelievable!! We're taking him to Marwell Zoo on his actual birthday which is on a Thursday and on the Saturday is Daddy's birthdya so we are having a picnic on the beach with lots of family and friends!
    Present wise we have got Ethan a steering wheel for his pushchair and a pushalong walker and a really cute outfit for the day!
    Seriously,where has the last year gone?!! x
  • Hi,
    This year has just flown by when you think about it! Poppy will be 1 on 11th July, we havent really got any plans as such yet, but will probably involve a little tea (BBQ if its nice.......) with family and close friends.

    As for presents, I havent a clue what we will get her yet, maybe a first doll of her own.
    And also, a keepsake for her 1st birthday, something we can keep and say "this was for your 1st birthday", not a toy that will end up bundled in with others when we have a clearout. Maybe a special teddy or something.
    All our children have got charm bracelets too, so I expect we will get a charm for that too xxxx
  • Lilys first birthday is on a Friday, but I think we're just going to take her out in the day and have family pop over in the evening, but Saturday we are having a little garden party for her and her baby friends at my mums. Hope the weather will be nice. As for presents, we have bought her a couple of new dvd's, a first dolly and a 6 in 1 quad thing from Argos. x
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