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Cheese!!!!!do cravings mean boy or girl???

Anyone wanting certain foods already? I am just obsessed with cheese! All I want is cheese and crackers and chocolate milk shake. I remember wanting the same things with my first so I'm convinced it's another girl. Do your cravings have any relation to the sex? What have mummies craved with your other babies? We might see a pattern!


  • I really wanted sweet things with my daughter but hated crisps. So maybe sweet things are girls? Sugar and spice and all things nice
  • With my first baby a boy I craved pickled onions

    With my 2nd also a boy I craved beetroot

    With this pregnancy its been jelly beans and wine gums
  • Grapes with both, cheese with the last. Both boys x
  • crushed ice especially in diet coke, my husband was always sent out to get bags of ice from tesco! (for my first which was a boy) orange juice & anything orange related with this one image
  • Tizer, by the gallon i cant get enough of it!! My teeth are probably rotting as we speak!!

  • This is my first so I have nothing to compare it to, but grapes I have to have there and then. Also pickles. Not sure what this means. How are you feeling ladies in general. I have real ups and downs and my back is hurting a lot image
  • Well, with my first pregnancy I was like you. All I could eat was cheese and I couldn't stop drinking hot chocolate. However, this pregnancy the very thought and smell of cheese is making me very sick.

    I was sick with my last pregnancy but cheese and crackers helped to keep the sickness at bay. Tonight I actually chucked out all of the cheese from my fridge as I though I could smell it even when the door was shut. Ha.

    Im not sure it means anything but if it does then I had a boy first time. xxx
  • I love cheese, the stronger the better! I could eat a whole slab! But weirdly can't stand it melted anymore.

    I think i'm having a girl but did dream we were told boy and i dreamt bfp day before tested so who knows!x
  • For my first girl i craved sweet things, diet coke, milkshakes and ice lollies. With my second girl my cravings swayed more sweet as well but i was going through nearly two pints of milk a day! I couldn't get enough of it. I don't remember going off anything with either of them.

    This time i am right off sweet things including chocolate! The thought of anything sweet makes my stomach turn. Def more savory/salty this time and can't get enough water.

    My previous pregnancies were so different though and were both girls so can't assume that this time it might be a boy xx
  • With my first pregnancy which was a boy I eat pickled onion and kit Kats. 

  • So curious to know what you ended up having??? 

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