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Good morning. This is on FB too, but for the non-FBers, thought I'd share. What do you all think? I don't think it was around when I was pregnant last time, or at least I hadn't heard of it, but I have a friend in Oz who is due next week and she's a big far.

Anyway, here it is:

If I'm honest, assuming my placenta moves it would mainly be the price which puts me off! Will probably buy it anyway though, anything to help with this element of childbirthimage


  • Oh my gosh- they have something for everything these days dont they...although i agree anything that helps-It does seem a little expensive and i suppose it still may not stop the inevitable happening.

    I am trying not to think too much about what is going to happen in the birth and think i will just continue exercising and keeping myself fit and try and help myself this way!

  • hi, have to say this really freaks me out! I understand the concept and why people might use it but i did hear about someone who used it and needed stiches after using it, without even having had her baby (eww, makes me feel bad!) I guess she must have been very rough and not followed the instructions!

    I do think your body is going through certain processes when in labour that it isnt when you're not (eg hormones are at work stretching your perineum at the point where it needs to). From my experience working with mums the best things you can do for your perineum in childbirth are have your baby in water if possible, and listen to your midwife at then crucial moment where you need to stop pushing to deliver the head slowly. There's a lot that's down to anatomy/size and position of baby but doing these things may reduce or stop trauma.

    Theres no research done yet on the epi no, would not want to say it doesnt work though x
  • GC from DIJuly!

    In my first pregnancy, I found out about perineal massage at my 30wk physio class. I did it every night for several weeks before labour and purely based on the fact that I didn't rip, I would advocate the practice to others and will be doing it again for this pregnancy.

    I don't think you need to make any unneccessary purchases, apart from maybe some lubricant.

    It is hard work - mainly trying to reach the perineum when you have a big bump and then having to maintain the pressure for the whole massage time. It's not pleasant!!

    I did have to have stitches following my birth, but it was only from MissG having scratched the walls on the way out and they didn't take long to administer.

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