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Anybody out there??

Hello August Ladies!!

Its SOOOOOO quiet on this forum, I know most people are on facebook but for those of us not on there just thought we could catch up on how everyone is doing.

I'm feeling fine apart from rubbish SPD, am almost 23 weeks now, went to the hospital yesterday for my VBAC appointment. It went really well, the lady was lovely and reassured me that I can have a natural or c-section, but dont have to decide til 36 weeks. Am a bit undecided at the moment but swaying towards another section I think.

Being at the hospital and seeing the wards / rooms I was in after having my DS was so nice... I felt SOOOOOOOO excited at the thought of having this baby and giving her a huge cuddle. We've got a few things to sort in the house before she arrives but it cant come quick enough for me!!!!

Hope everyone is well and some of you ladies out there are around today!!



  • Hiya!! Im always checking in here and facebook, its really quiet on here tho, i was in april 09 forum and it was sooo busy, its very different on this one.

    Im 24 weeks today! Feels like a little milestone, if baby was born today he would have a fighting chance.

    Im feeling really well, im tired but with having both boys at home with the easter hols it only normal i surpose.

    Im getting used to the idea of having a hospital birth after being diagnosed with group b strep early on, id wanted another homebirth so was quite disapointed to say the least, but whatever is safer im happier with. OH is off for a week and a half after today! Im sooo happy that we get to have him home every day for a while!

    We`re starting on the nursary soon too. We are going with the mamas and papas hodge podge range i think, ive fallen in love with the border soo cute. Even tho ive got two other boys, i never got to decorate a nursary, with ds1 we were living with my sister so me OH and baby were all in 1 room, with ds2 they both shared together for a little while until we moved so im massivly excited to be able to have a nursay and baby can have his own room!! image
  • hello!! Im a facebook deserter I'm afraid too. I don;t normally have access to a computer and BE is a nightmare on my phone. Anyhow nicked hubbys work pc to do an assignment- obviously not very successfully cos im on here!

    Glad everyones ok on here. Its starting to feel much more real now that we're actually going to have to give birth etc! Its such an abstract concept at the start!

    I'm just enjoying spending time with my dd who is 19 months now and trying to keep up with her! Bump is BIG now at 23 weeks I hardly showed at this stage before. Its frightening!!
  • i must admit im a facebooker too, but i do check here everyday to see if there is any new posts and occasionally write here,

    im 26 weeks tommorow cant believe it! going to portugal on monday for a week then the following sunday will have our 4d scan so get to see our little miss lola in action again before the birth - scary!!!

    glad all you ladies are well its a shame this dia forum is quiet it was so much fun before, wish facebook wasnt invented but its convenience is too good unfortunately!!

    we should update bump pics xxxx image
  • im 26+1 today and my bump is growing growing growing. not surprising i guess considering i only have 3 months and 5 days till due date image overall im feeling quite good actually, just very tired some days and im starting to notice that i need to slow down a bit generally. pretty soon ill officially be a whale hehe.
  • Hi. I was thinking that this forum was very quiet as well. I am 26 weeks and 2 days and feeling a lot better than i was although I am feeling a lot of back pain today and not the best sleeper at nights. I never had any of this with my first child although I am bigger this time around. I don't know what I am having. I have nothing ready for the baby of packed but I will get there. I have most of the stuff from my daughter so have to get it down from the attic and get it all washed. I am off work at the end of next week for a week so will get it sorted then.

    We have no names picked either as we can't seem to agree on any lol.

    Glad to hear that everyone is doing well and can't believe the time is going so quick.
  • hi, im not on facebook and i miss everyone who'se gone over! There are a few of us left here though and those that are here have been a big support to me. Im 24 weeks today, got 25 week appt next week with midwife and GTT the week after that. I have an obvious bump now, this is my 1st and we've stayed yellow! Thinking of henry or elizabeth at the moment x
  • sorry, I'm completely gatecrashing here, as I'm DIS.

    Just wanted to say I think the whole of BE is a lot quieter, I hope due to holidays and weather. Hope it'll pick up again soon.

    Loufairy, I was just wondering how you tested early for strep b? Would love to get this test out of the way ASAP, but thought you had to wait until you were 35 weeks.
  • hi

    I don't do facebook either and can't believe how quiet it is as well. I am now 26+1 and am huge. My SPD isvery painful and I now have to use my crutches for walking. My class were very surprised when I turned up this week with crutches! but adjusted quickly. MY headteacher still hasn't done my risk assessment for work!

    I am suffering from really bad acid indeigestion and am living on gaviscon. I am also finding it more difficult to breath and eat a meal due to baby taking up so much space and crushing me inside.

    On the plus side we now have a wide selelction of baby girls clothes and have started to prepare for her arrival knowing that I won't make it to August. I have got to pack a little emergency hospital bag this weekend in preparation as with ds1 and 2 I was in and out of hospital for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy (they were both 2 weeks early)

    The nursery doesn't really need doing apart from moving my sons things out but that won't be done until later as he is still only 1 and the moses basket will be in our room for the first 6 months!.

    Everone keeps reminding me that I should be relaxing and enjoying this pregnancy as it is the last one I will be having (so was the last one!) But I haven't had time to do that yet!

    Hope everyone else is ok and enjoying their ever growing bundle of joy as it wriggles around!!

    Not long to go now everone will start counting donw now instead of counting up!
  • I'm a FB desserter too but do pop on here as well!

    Im ok im nearly 24weeks (2morro) which is a personal milestone for me baby is wriggling around and it feels great!

    I too am suffering with SPD but im working through it im forcing myself to carry on otherwise id never move finishing work at 30wks but having a week holiday before image

    Im 21 on monday image So im looking forward to my one alloted malibu and coke image

    Im pleased that everyone is doing better ill update a bump pic soon x x x
  • bumplover a big happy birthday for monday! What a big day for you, you enjoy every minute of your malibu and coke and definately save a bottle of something very nice to toast your 21st after baby's arrived!

    Looks like we're only one day apart on our due dates (Im 18th august) 24 weeks does feel like a milestone doesnt it - i real registered person! Seems strange as of course our babies have beenr real to us for some time. Mine is getting stronger at kicking, woke me up for the first time this morning (although think i was already stirring). Have you put much weight on? I have but nearly a stone on already, my mum only put a stone on the whole time with both her pregnancies so this is a bit of a shock. I dont look that big really, but was 9 stone 3 before pregnancy so a bit of a shock!

    Sorry to hear about your SPD, bet you're so excited about finishing work. After all the relationship stress etc will be lovely to just have time to nest and prepare to bond with your little one.

    alf n oskars mum sorry to hear you're stuggleing, i feel like im on the count down too now rather than the count up. At least you know most things are in place for your little one but must be tough on crutches with other children. why were you in hospital for the last 10 weeks of your other pregnancies if you dont mind me asking?

    littleest monkey, good to hear your news, we used to chat in ttc cbfm thread xx
  • Alfie222 -

    With my first pregnancy I was in and out of hospital because baby was crushing my stomach so much I couldn't eat for weeks - everything came straight back up. I also had very bad SPD that they said needed resting. They only let me out at 37weeks for the weekend so I could get married. I then went back in and was induced at 38weeks.

    WIth my 2nd pregnancy I was much worse thna with my first or this one (reason why we had said I/we weren't having anymore!) I was first in hospital at 16weeks and on sick leave at 18weeks til end. I was in and out of hospital because my darling son was quite large and was suffocating me. He was crushing my lungs and heart making it impossible to breath and I passed out if I stood up or did anything. I have low blood pressure anyway but it made my blood pressure drop thorugh the floor. I also had my SPD and crutches! i was induced at 38 weeks.

    In comparison this time round is a breeze! I only have so many problems because my body space is so small as I have such a short body in comparison to my legs. The consultant said I am an anomaly!!

    I try to ignore my problems as I know they will go away when LO is born and at least I am able to work through them at the moment. I have my 2 cheeky bundles of joy to keep me occupied when I am at home and my 4 year old helps me a lot!!

    It is strange when you start counting down as you realise how close it is becoming. I have just finished reading the book on hypnobirthing and now need to try and practise relaxation and breathing techniques(in my sleep!)

    It is nice to know when you get to 24 weeks that babies become viable and have some chance of surviving in event of the unthinkable happening!
  • Hey Alfie-

    i havent put any weight on ive lost 10lb because my sickness ws so bad at the beginning image Ivge put 3lb on since last month though so theres time yet lmao :P I was quite a large lady when i fell pregnant lol!

    I cant wait to finish work 5 weeks and counting =D

  • I haven't put on any weight either as I lost about half a stone at the start from not eating. I was the same with my first and I actually came out of the hospital the day after having her and was lighter than I was before I got pregnant.

    I worked out during the week that I only have 34 full days to work before I finish work. This is with all the bank holidays out and the days I am off on Leave. I finish on 30th June. It will be here before I know it. I am 27 weeks on Monday. I have to see the consultant on Tuesday week to see if everything is ok as I had my daughter at 34 weeks.

    Glad everyone is keeping ok in general and can't believe we are all nearly in single figures.
  • Hi everyone. I am 26+3 and baby is wriggling lots. Feeling ok at the moment as the bank holidays allowed me to rest Withy SPD which was quite bad not long ago. I guess the additional chiropractor exercises help too. Enjoy my yoga class lots and made some great friends there already. Looking forward to doing the same at the NCT antenatal classes that we started already. The nhs ones don't start till June. Hubby painted the nursery today so we can put some stickers upnext week and get furniture in place. I washed some baby clothes that I was given and will start sorting them out soon. Plus we bought lots of new things as well and we both love looking at them. The wardrobe is getting fuller image)

    I am working till the 15th of July if everything goes fine but I know it will go very fast. Work is great at the moment because the the weather allows us to do so much with the kids after school pick up. I know it will get harder as my bump grows bigger so we have to see how it goes. I think my belly is big but I love it. Put on 5kg but I am trying to exercise so I can loose the extra a bit easier after giving birth.

    Glad that we posted as it iz very quite here. Look forward to more updates.
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