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A Morning At Work!!

Hi Ladies the title says, I had a morning at work yesterday. They were short on staff and wondered if I would go in from 9am till 1pm. Hubby was able to have Jazzie, so I decided to go! It was fine, but I missed her like crazy. Still, it was good practice for me and hubby, as he will be looking after her when I return in Jan (his working day starts when I get in from work).Luckily she was well behaved for him. image

Anyway, they need me next Wed morning too, so will go again. To be honest, the extra bit of money will help as I'm now on rubbish mat pay!! :cry:



  • I bet you missed her loads! It was probably nice for hubby to get some alone time with Jazmine too. At the weekend hubby got up with Matilda and left me sleeping for a couple of hours and he said he really enjoyed his one on one time (as we are normally both up on weekend mornings).

    Hope next week is as successful for you all image x
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