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Could this be reflux?

Hi all, hoping someone can help!

Matilda has always seemed to get a bit upset when pooing (or so I thought) HV said it was normal. But in the past week she has seemed to be more and more distressed and it's happening more often.

In the past 24 hours there have probably been about 5 or 6 where she didn't seem uncomfortable and this time was spread out.

She cries as though what's happening is painful and then after a while when you haven't been able to comfort her she will want feeding and take a tiny bit before seeming calm (but only for a little while). Also when she is crying she is writhing around, knees pulled up sometimes hands punching her own face or she will grip my hand so hardit almost hurts.

She isn't a very sicky baby, but does blow little bubbles of milk after a feed, sometimes spits up when being winded. When she does get sick there is a lot of it.

I read about reflux on the net and wondered if that might be what's wrong? I just don't want her to be so uncomfortable!

Sorry for the huge post, and any typos I'm writing this on my phone while rocking M in my arms... Her first bit of sleep for hours!


  • No need to reply now. She has been very sicky today so I rang nhs ditect who put me through to out of hours who gave me advice re colic and reflux and a prescription for gaviscon so hopefully that will help.
  • Glad you got some help, hope this helps Matilda!

    Mooomin x
  • Hi....

    For the first 5 weeks Phoebe was a nightmare and showing all the signs of reflux. I was convinced that she had it and insisted with my GP who agreed with me and prescribed infant gaviscon.

    She has beenon it now for nearly 3 weeks and it was worked wonders. She is rarely sick now and doesn't scream out or writhe in pain after a feed image
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