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First Swim!!

Can't believe Jazmine is 10w today and we have finally taken her for her 1st swim! She loved it!! So did we image


  • Lovely photo, how cute is she!! cant wait to take Annabelle swimming but will wait a little longer as she is 6 weeks old today.

    wf x
  • She's gorgeous... Fab pic and love the swimming costume!!

    Cant wait to do the same- our son is the same age but has had a cold so got be 100% hes 100%!! You lucky things X
  • Yay..... Phoebe is having her first swim next Wednesday as she had her jabs on Tuesday. She loves her bath so hopefully she will love it.

    PS love the pic by the way x
  • Z - that is a beautiful picture! She's so cute!

    I can't wait to take Matilda swimming, but it'll be a couple of weeks yet. And hopefully when we go I'll be able to fit back in my own swimsuit :roll: unlikely!
  • Ahhh thanks ladies!

    MrsP, I managed to fit into my swimsuit but made the fatal mistake of looking in the mirror....I'm a whale!! image
  • Cute cozzie!

    MasterG has enjoyed his first two trips to the baths, even with MissG splashing him! I hate the photo rules at pools. We managed to sneak a photo of MissGs first swim because there was noone else in the pool, but both times we've been with the wee man it's been rammed, so I didn't want to risk getting into trouble image

    Hope Jazzie enjoys many more swims to show off that smashing costume image

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