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Xmas Catch up

Hi Ladies

Well, Christmas is looming and this forum has gone a bit quiet again, so just thought I would start a new thread for a bit of a catch up. So how is everyone? All set for Xmas?

All is good in our household, I am seriously making the most of the next few weeks as I go back to work on Jan 3rd :cry:

Jazmine is doing really well, rolling over all the time, still one way though, weaning going well too, she has loved everything we have tried so far. She's growing up so fast and is such a sweet, content little thing. I love her to bits. Ahhhhh.

Also thought we could share our hopes/resolutions for next year? What would your top 5 be??

For me it will be:-

1) Get Jazmine's birthmark sorted out.

2) Loose weight

3) Get Fit

4) Save some money

5) Enjoy every spare minute with my beautiful little girl and my gorgeous, fantastic hubby!! image



  • Hi all

    Things have been crazy for me! I managed to find a new part time job as my old job was in Bournemouth (and I live in Southampton) and I wanted to spend more time with Ella, but it has meant working full time for 4 weeks training image I am half way through and missing little Ella like mad, my family and friends have been amazing in looking after her for me but I am missing her like crazy....... :cry:

    So Christmas feels like one big mad rush, but at least once training is done on 23rd Dec I will only be working 5-9pm 4 times a week and my OH will look after Ella in the evenings so I get to spend all day every day with her which I cannot wait for! image

    I am so pleased little Jazmine is doing well, Ella is too she isn't rolling yet but is close. We started her on some baby rice which she is loving - moving onto veg this weekend.

    My resolutions would be:

    1. spend loads more time with Ella!

    2. lose weight too - 1 stone to go!!

    3. spend some time with my friends and catch up with them properly in the new year. I feel like I have neglected everyone for the last 3 weeks!

    4. eat a bit healthier - my diet is shocking at the mo!

    5. hmmmm probably to have a date night with my man soon - we still haven't been out on our own yet!!

    If anyone close to Southampton did fancy meeting up in the new year sometime I would be up for that.....?

    I hope your Christmas preperations are going well - I cannot wait for Ella's first Christmas - so exciting!!!!

  • Hey! Well we have had a very exciting week - Phoebe has cut two teeth! Bless her she has been a trouper really. Although I have to admit that because she is a very demanding baby who constantly wants attention I didnt actually notice that she was cutting teeth until they came through! Luckily she had some calpol on weds and thurs after her jabs so at least she wasnt in too much pain! I am so proud and excited by this latest milestone, I know that sounds daft but I just think everything she does is brilliant! She isnt rolling yet, but to be honest she hates lying down and demands to be sat or stood up most of the time! She is very close to sitting on her own which is exciting.

    Not sure what my New Year's resolutions would be to be honest, perhaps to eat a bit better because Im crap at that at the mo. Would like to save some cash and just keep enjoying my baby girl x
  • mb78. We live in Poole! Would def be up for meeting up sometime in the new year, perhaps with other halves too, make it a bit of a family thing?

  • we have been very busy as DS birthday is NYE so we have had a party to plan as well as xmas!

    DD is now rolling, has cut a molar! no other teeth though! still doesnt sleep through! :roll: still enjoying BF and looking forward to her sitting and learning to crawl

    next year i would like my two babies to sleep through :lol:

    not a lot to ask surely :lol:
  • Sounds good to me Z we should def sort a family get together out in the New Year!

  • Hi all...

    Things are good here. We have moved house, had Matilda Christened and we are looking forward to the Christmas period!

    Matilda can be quite stroppy and demanding but I wouldn't change her. She makes me smile every day. And sometimes when she's being a real pain at night and I give in and bring her to bed with us I'm sort of glad she wants to be so near me as sometimes in the day I think she prefers hubby. I guess I'm just not that interesting after 8 hours of just each other's company!

    Today I went to rhymetime at the local library for the first time. Nobody spoke to me (and I am a bit too shy to have spoken to anyone else yet), but it was really good. Matilda seemed to enjoy it and I felt better for being out doing something baby related and seeing other mums. Will definitely be going again in the new year.

    My resolutions are:

    1. Keep up rhymetime & do at least one other group or activity every week for mine and Tilly's benefit. I don't want either of us getting bored!

    2. Keep up zumba and lose more weight.

    3. Eat healthily. Especially as I want Matilda to be a good eater - lead by example and all that.

    4. I need to think about work options for me. I have no job to go back to and ideally would like to do something from home... so must look into the options.

    5. Make time for hubby & I. And (bit personal) get up the courage to DTD - am sure it won't be as bad as it is in my head.

    Hubby has said that when I am ready he is happy to go straight into TTC baby no.2. Even when I am back in the saddle so to speak I think I will need a little time before I contemplate birth again... but I am very tempted so watch this space! image

    Z - What have the specialists said about Jazmine's birthmark?
  • MrsP - wow - you have been busy!

    We are considering getting Jazzie christened next year, but still not come to a final decision, would love to hear about your one....

    Seems like we all have similar resolutions too, will have to start a weight thread in Jan me thinks!!

    MrsP - we have now been referred to Great Ormond Street, will hopefully get an appt beginning of next year.

  • Z - that's good, fingers crossed you get your appointment through soon.

    We ended up with no pictures of the Christening on our own camera so just waiting for people to email me some of theirs and then I will write a little thread about it image
  • Hi Ladies,

    My goodness it has been a manic few weeks... my DD is soooo excited about Christmas although she is absolutely terrified of Father Christmas to a ridiculous level so we certainly don't force him on her- we've told her he'll leave her pressies in the kitchen! My DS is still not rolling- I am now putting this down to how clingy he is and what a Mummy's boy he is... if hes on the floor for too long he just screams and demands to be picked up! He hasn't cut any teeth yet but is showing all the signs but then so did my DD when she was this age and didn't cut her first tooth until she was nearly 1 so I must admit I take it a bit with a pinch of salt!!

    So resolutions:

    - Get my exam results tomorrrow and hopefully pass... argh!!

    - Back to work 18th Jan- horrid- but only 3 days a week so not too bad. Just so so worried about my DS going to nursery- my DD has always been Miss independant so didn't phase her- my DS- another story entirely. Only a day and a half a week though and the Grannies share the rest!

    - Try and sort our money out- feel like it's a constant battle at the moment and being on mat leave has certainly not helped.

    - Keep on the fitness and healthy eating

    - Lots of family time at weekends- we live right by the sea and New Forest- so lots of walks with the kids and hubby required- that wont cost any money!

    - Make sure hubby and I get at least one meal out a month just the 2 of us... do love that time.

    Merry Christmas ladies- really do have a wonderful time XXX
  • Hi,

    things are doing well here too, freya is growing so quickly, time is going far too quickly for my liking.

    Shes not rolling yet but loves tummy time and being on the floor and having a good wriggle and making a good racket!

    We go to a playgroup along the road from us and freya absolutly loves it! theres nursery rhymes and messy play and she loves it! good to get out and about and have just started talking to other mums (im so shy its taken me weeks to pick up the courage lol)

    Nearly sorted for christmas! feels like its been such a mad rush this year, but we're getting there image

    my resolution for next year is definatly loose weight! just need to find the motivation! :lol:

    and enjoy as much time as possible with freya, dreading going back to work in march image

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