Weaning question...

I have been weaning Phoebe now for about 3 weeks. She is 6 months on Thursday. She seems to be adapting well. She has Milk (6oz) when she wakes followed by porridge and some kind of fruit puree depending what batch i have prepared and frozen. She has another bottle at 12 followed by 2 veg puree portions followed by a bottle at 4 and veg and a yoghurt for tea at 5. She is still on the boob for bed and I dream feed at 10:30.

I was wandering when to drop a bottle as it seems like she is having rather a lot of food now. I was thinking about dropping the 12 o clock bottle. Any suggestions.

Also when is it safe to give then]m foods such as pasta and meat as I want to try and incorporate what we eat in to her diet so we can eat together as a family

weaning is so very confusing image


  • G/C but trust your own instincts. As long as LO isn't gaining weight excessively then why change.

    As for food types, you can put pasta & meat into a blender & puree it or buy ready made baby jars that include them. Generally the 'mashed' food kicks in at around 9mths old.
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