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Happy New Year!

Didn't quite mean to post that last without text!!

How are you all? Hope babies are all well.

I'm great. Had the best Christmas ever. MasterG was just full of smiles and liked playing with tissue paper.

MissG was just astounding. I didn't think she's be so into Christmas this year being so young, but she had a ball and is still singing Jingle Bells!

I'm so excited for MasterG's six month birthday on Thursday and starting weaning. He's so intrigued by our mealtimes that I think he'll be over the moon to get his own plate on the 12th image

He's doing great too. Rolling over and almost sitting without support, but very wobbly.

He still cannot self soothe at all and is still up for feeds at least three times each night. I'm shattered.

And on that note, I'm off to bed before he wakes up again.

Hope it's not as long before I get back online image



  • Ahhhhhh you're back - welcome! image

    Sounds like you had a fab Xmas! All the best with the weaning. We started Jazzie at just over 4 months and she is LOVING IT!

  • happy new year!!

    we are loving weaning! been doing it a few weeks now. were rolling when she feels like it but still unsteady sitting,

    our broken nights are just starting to get better we were pretty much every 3 hours until i stopped feeding her in the night and trying to settle her instead, we now just have a ten pm feed and i try stick it out until at least five am, she is still waking betweeen those times but seems to be getting quicker at settling with my hand on her chest or holding her hand instead of a feed.
  • We are also enjoying weaning. It has been a lifesaver over the last two weeks because she is teething and struggling with her milk feeds, however, the food is really helping because she is eating really well. She is still up twice in the night though! Takes 5oz at each time so I cant really refuse her a feed because she is obviously hungry! My lovely hubby does one feed though which helps alot x
  • Happy New Year!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful christmas, it is very magical as they get older, my DD is 2 and 1/2 and loved all the excitement!

    Good luck with weaning, I am sure he'll love it. Finley is a monster with eating and loves his mealtimes. Plus it is lovely all sitting round the table at mealtimes.

    Sleep wise, it sounds like there are a few of us still suffering with broken nights. I am pleased I'm not the only one (although of course I am also hoping you all get some sleep soon). Finley is random, some nights he'll sleep loads only waking once to be settled. Other times he wakes loads and wants feeding!!! It is very tiring.

    Keep the updates coming, this forum has been very quiet of late.

    I hope, to those of you returning to work, it's going ok?

    hugs x
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