Finley has been pulling himself up against the furniture for a few weeks now and is getting more and more confident every day! He is now cruising round our sofas and tables, so cute! His poor sister can't get away from him now, he wants to be with her all the time, it's gorgeous to watch.

What are you all doing for their first birthdays?

I am at work on his 1st birthday, I am gutted... but think I may celebrate the day before seeing I was in labour that day anyway so it kind of counts as his birthday!

How crazy is it that a whole year has gone by already? amazing!



  • What a shame your working on his first birthday image

    Thankfully both my husband and I are both free from work. I think we are going to celebrate by having a garden party (weather permitting) with close friends and family. Ohoebe absolutely loves bears and soft toys so think i am going to take her to one of those places where she can pick and stuff her own. this is something i can then do every year with her....

  • I bet you need eyes in the back of your head now!

    Matilda doesn't cruise or crawl yet and is annoyed that she can't but everyone says to enjoy this time as it'll be hard work when she can move!

    For her birthday we (hopefully) are just going to have a bbq for friends and family in our garden. Her birthday is the day after our 2nd wedding anniversary and last year as I was in labour we did nothing for our anniversary so as I can't bear to leave round her birthday for the evening I think we'll be having a joint party with her image x

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