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Milk aged one....

As our babies' first birthday is fast approaching, I was wondering what everyone will be doing in regards to milk. Phoebe is currently on Hipps Organic Follow on milk and has been since she was 7 months old. I spoke to a HV who told me that the growing up milk was something invented by the milk companies to make money and that Phoebe would be ok on cows milk when she turned one. However, my mum seems to think if babies go on to cows milk they need to have vitamin drops in their milk as cows milk is not as nutritious. When I asked a different HV about the vitamin drops she told me a fully weaned baby with a varied diet shouldnt need any vitamin drops. I am completely confused. I think I am leaning towards the growing up milk because it is fortified with vitamins and minerals, and, if my mum is right about the vitamin drops, a little cheaper on a weekly basis. Would really like to hear what other people are doing/have done xx


  • Hello,

    We will be putting Finley onto full fat cow's milk. Your HV is perfectly right. They do not need vitamin drops if they are eating a balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg.

    At the end of the day though it is totally your choice. You do what you feel is right for your baby!

    We just know Finley is eating a rich variety of foods plus he loves whole milk. It will save us £10 a week on formula too! (It really is a bit of a money making scheme this toddlers growing up milk business)

    Do what is right for you and your little one! xx

  • hi glitterbug, how are you doing? How's work? ive been back for last 4 weeks and am so tired, its so much harder than i imagined and i did try to be realistic! Feel like a fish out of water at the moment!

    Im still bf henry but plan on letting him have full fat cows milk if he needs any in the day after he's one, he already has it on his cereal and in his mashed potato, etc. I might try and maintain morning and night bfs for a bit or i might just put him on cows milk fully depending how we both feel. Babies who get meals from all the food groups shouldnt need added vitamins and minerals - full fat cows milk is very good for them. x

  • we are still breat feeding at the moment but with our ds he went to cows milk at 12 months when the bottles went into the bin, you only need formula or supplements after 12 months if your baby is not eating a healthy varied diet, if you want to carry on your can but its not neccesary, we have friends who carried on with formual and now cant get thier lo off it image





  • Thanks everyone, I think I will move to just cows milk. She doesnt really drink milk anyway, perhaps only 10oz per day but thats it. Piggypops - when you threw the bottles away what did you use instead? Phoebe drinks water from a hard spouted cup but I dont know if a soft spout would be better for milk?

    Alfie, work is going well thanks, but like you I find it very hard! Its like being on a treadmil because I feel like I am constantly running from one place to the next. Luckily Phoebe loves nursery so we have no problems with getting her there. I have found re-intergrating at work really hard. Because I didnt start the academic year in August it feels a bit like going out for a meal only to find that everyone else has finished their mains and is starting dessert. I know that is a strange metaphor but it is the only way I can describe it!! How is your little one settling in to his new routine? xx

  • hi glitterbug

    i know how you feel, im waiting for the fog to lift in my brain i dont feel up to speed at work image i have been taking a days annual leave every week to sink in slowly, tbh i think putting more hours in would have been better as i just feel unnerved by how much has changed and how much ive changed now i have henry, focusing seems harder! Hoping to settle in better once the hours increase.

    Thank goodness for my mum as henry doesnt particularly like nursery. the lady in his room is really good with him and his face lights up when he sees her and he crawls to her so i know he likes her, but he grizzles a lot when there and wont eat his food. He only goes a couple of half days a week and mum has him the rest of the time, and he hasnt been much, so i hope he'll get better, its not fair on mum not to have the fallback option. its also the only nursery ive found that will be flexible so im not sure i have much other choice. i think he's used to being centre of attention, always with his parents and grandparents, and its a bit of a shock but it doesnt help me with getting on at work, worrying about him! xx

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