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Pregnancy books to recommend?

Can anyone recommend any good books on pregnancy etc for us first timers? Also ones to avoid?



  • I would def get the pregnancy bible. It is brilliant.

    There is a week by week guide showing how baby is developing and another one explaining what is happening with your body. Lots of info on labour, healthy eating etc too.
  • I got this one...

    It is ok... but dont really rate it.... some bits information i found informative (other bits scared me)

    I found a website happy in the end... and a facebook addon thing that updated me everyday with a fact (some useful and others just nice)

    Which i will use again.... only used the book i had as a nice read around 8 weeks... then rarely touched.

    did just look in to give me a rough idea of dates..... but not a clue... can be anything from 31st July to 7th June (think i am getting a early scan)

    So i wouldn't say the book i had would be the best one.... but if having twins it is a nice read i suppose as covers that quite a bit xox
  • Oh the free Emma's diary (which you get in one of your free bags) is a must read... ....
  • i second or third the new pregnancy bible its been fab! and its got a bit it for dads and what follows etc! x
  • Thanks girls, i'l check the 'bible' out I think! X
  • My friend's lent me what to expect when you're expecting which I'm glad to have as a first timer.

    She's also given me Tess Daly's Baby Diaries book as she got it as a baby shower present and said it was good and she also lent me the bloke's guide to pregnancy which will be great for hubby as he hasn't a clue (he also doesn't read unless we're on holiday LOL)
  • I liked the rough guide (with both pgs I made myself read it week by week as I got to the right bit which stopped my impatience, slightly...!) and I have the miriam stoppard book as a more medical reference!

    Also Tess Daly's baby diaries and Jules Oliver's Minus 9 to 1 are good reads for something more anecdotal image
  • the "what to expect when you are expecting" and what the expect the first year are both excellent books that I will recommend as a second time mum xx
  • the one that you get from health visitor whilst pregnant is as good as any!!! also after baby is born birth to five is great too..also free from health visitor. As I remember the first one is the purple one...i would save your money hun..use the freebies and use the cash to buy books for baby when he/she is can never have too many books!!! x
  • ps....sometimes the books can have scary birth stories etc in them to avoid. Oh, also take it from a mummy of fourteen ( who i had by c section age twelve delivered normally age twenty and baby aged one also normal delivery aged 31.....a normal delivery is fa

    r far easier. Do not let ANYONE tell you c section is isn't. Obviously, if you need c s section at last minute then oviously no there is no other option, natural delivery is so much easier to recover from..lots of luck hun xx
  • I read "What to expect when you're expecting" from cover to cover in my first pregnancy and found it to be a wonderful source of information! I also have the pregnancy bible which I shall be reading again this time (just because I miss all of that bit this time round!).

    I second the Baby Whisperer as a fab choice to read just before baby arrives and for when he/she is here. I don't know what I would have done without that book the first few weeks when I didn't have a clue what I was doing!! It really helped me to establish a good routine immediately, whilst still letting baby set the pace

  • Just found this thread...

    I very much enjoyed Kaz Cooke's Rough Guide to Pregnancy - Just a lot more light-hearted and fun to read.

    Would have loved the Pregnancy week-by-week book... I wonder if my hubby will let me buy it for this pregnancy.... image

    I read a very good book for anyone interested in active labour: Birth skills by Juju Sundin. She gives some great ideas for staying in control when giving birth and explains the birthing process (why it hurts etc).

  • I saw on an instagram story about a promotion for a book bundle on pre-conception which is normally $110, but if you use a discount code it's 20$ and they're really good books.

    Here's the link:

    And the code is: i4m4no 

    And they're some really good bundles for pregnancy, post-partum and raising children, but I haven't found any discount codes for them. If you find some, please do tell me. :D 

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