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Sensitive belly button?

My belly button has got really sore/sensitive to the touch on the last couple of weeks.i vaguely remember it being tender right at the end last time when I was really if but not this early on or this uncomfortable. Anyone else got this or have any idea why? It can't be anything to do with my anterior placenta can it?

God I seem to find a different niggle to stress over every day!!,


  • Mine has got painful this weekend. Weird
  • My actual belly button looks fine it's sort of on the inside... One of my friends said she'd had somthing similar in her last pregnancy and described it as being bruised on the inside and that is kind of what it's like, although it's more sensitive/sharper feeling than a bruise...

    It also comes and goes so some days isn;t as sensitive as others. Maybe down to baby's position??
  • Sound similar to me, although I was putting mine down to the fact that I have had a cough. If I put my finger literally just below my bellybutton and coughed I could feel it move inside quite alot, jumping around x
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