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I really miss it

Hi Ladies, Im not normally one for reminising but I really miss been pregnant. I used to love coming on here and talking to all the other mummies about symtoms and scans and mw appts and i really miss that now. Since having our babies ours lives have got busier so were not on here as much and although I love hearing about everyones little ones and i love talking about Sophie its not the same as what it was, all guess weights and dates and the anticipation, lol. Think im just overly overly broody does anyone else feel like this? Kerry xxx


  • I do a bit but i def don't want another one for a few years... i miss the excitment of it all... not that actually having Zac isn't exciting in its own way but you know what I mean!

    Do you think you will have another?

  • me too hunnie - u are not alone! but it would be crazy for me to have another. Although I reakon I'll be preggers again by 2012. Me and Tracey said we would both be lol. and that would DEFINATELY be my last one. I strangely miss labour - going through it knowing ur gonna have ur baby at the end. I miss the pg banter too. Bumps and kicks, guess the sex and weight! and I dont know why as I dont really like being pg coz I get SPD.

    Its all Crazy!!! I reakon you'll be pg again soon. lol xx xx
  • Hi Kerry. I miss it all too hun!
    I must be mad aswell having 3 very simular ages to you Elaine!
    We have decided to start trying again when Livs is 2 so hopefully have a 2011 baby. If it were up to me Id try at the end of this year tho so the youngest isnt to far behind the others. Dave wants to wait an extra year tho and after 4 its def no more for me! I still have my SPD now so god knows how bad it will get for number 4!! Im really looking forward to having another tho, I not sure how Im guna feel after the nxt one but hopefully Ill feel like I dont need to have ne more as Ive always said I really wanted 4! Mad thing is I find myself daydreaming about how nice it would be if I were to have twins nxt time round :0) x x x x
  • BE keeps eating my replies ARGH!!! I mis it soooooo much, you are not alone!!
  • I only have two (not like u mad people with three lil uns, lol) but we said as soon as i fell pregnant with Sophie that she wud be our last, but im so unbelievably broody i cnt describe it. I think its coz im so young (22) that the thought of having no more children and never been pregnant agen just scares me. Having said that because iv bin obsessing so much me and craig have bin talking and i think we mite try for another around feb 2011 so will hopefully have a november baby and Sophie will be 3 by then and Rhys will be five. Although the thought of starting over agen with a newborn by that time is actually quite scarey. So much to having no more, im already planning my nxt, ha ha ha xxx
  • aaawww thats lovely - I will be so jealous when you post your bfp!!! lol.

    I would like a spring baby next as I have Autumn, Winter and summer ones lol and that also means I miss carrying in the summer! woohoo! So as long as things are on the right track at home ect - then in may/June 2011, we will, for the first time ever, be trying for a baby.
  • I miss bein pg too. I get serious bump and newborn baby envy! i can't wait to have another feel all the kicks and everythin and labour as well. Won't b 4 a while tho, we want to get married and have a house 1st so will prob b when Lily's bout 3 or 4
  • Hun so happy for you youve decided to have another one!! Youve got it all to look forward to again now image x x x
  • Elaine great idea about not carry throughout the summer, my 2 are june and aug so was heavily preg wen summer hit, so i dnt think i wud mind been preg thru summer if i was having a winter baby (if that made any sense watsoeva), lol. Gud idea Lizzy on waiting until uv got a house sorted, me and craig also want to get married as we've bin engaged for almost 5yrs, lol. It is hard to think wat the future holds, i want so many different things, i spent both of my pregnancies struggling thru my a-levels and HND so i do want to actually do something career wise as well. Sooo much to fit in such a short space of time coz i dnt want big age gaps and i dnt want newborns around wen im in my 30's-40's (nothing against ppl who have children later on, its just iv started having myn young so dnt still wanna be doing the baby thing wen im older). Oh well suppose only time will tell, anyone else planning anymore babies or not planning anymore as the case mite be. xxx
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