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I can see you online Tammi so thought I would ask how life is in the Scott household at the moment. How is Ashton and lil bro Leighton? How are you hun? Cant wait to see pics! xxxx


  • Hi hun - how are you all? Hope you are all well. Take care xxxxxxx
  • Hi hun sorry the internet has been playing up loads at the moment but hopefully its all sorted now!!!!

    Things here are great, ashton is growing up soooo fast now!!! He can feed himself with a proper fork now, runs like a lunny and is climbing up on everything!!!! Can't believe how huge he is next to Leighton! Leighton is doing really well too, had him weighted today and he is 9lb already! So pleased though as I am breast feeding and was worried that I was going to have the same probs that I had with Ashton, but so far so good. So hows you? xxxxxx
  • Wow bless him! I would NOT let tyler loose with a a fork! Hes only just getting the hang of a spoon! Thats really clever! It really brings it home how big they are when you have another dosnt it?

    Go Leighton! 9lb! thats fab! Well done you with successful bf - I have never got the hang of it. You must be really proud of yourself.

    We are ok. Got really sore boobs but no sickness or anything else. Will be 6 wks tomorrow. Got a scan soon as I have been bleeding intermitantly. Im not too worried - What will be will be as they say.

    The boys are good. Tyler copies they boys loads which is funny! he counted down from 5 and the tried to say 'blast off' but it sounded really funny!

    Have you settled into your new house now? It took me a good few months to get sorted out here but I bet you are much more organised than me!

    give the boys big kisses from me! take care hun!

  • HI hun we are all settled in the new house. to be honest I was so worried Leighton would arrive early that we were unpacked within 3 days, lol. Tyler sounds sooooo cute copying his big brothers, bless him!

    Fingers crossed that your scan app comes through soon! R u both feeling better about the pregnancy now? I always think things happen for a reason therefore you are ment to be a mummy to four! Are you wanting a girl this time or another boy? Personally I have never been bothered about having a girl, and it really annoyed me when I told them I was having another one and they replied "awh maybe it will be a girl next time!!!"

    Yeah bf is still going well, although don't know how I will cope when Pete goes back to work as he is not in any routine and can spend hours feeding! But really enjoying doing this time after all the problems I had with Ashton.

    Big kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Lol - 3 days! Thats really good.

    I have a scan app for tomorrow as I have had yet another bleed - (sorry if tmi) but its brown blood so not too concerned. What will be will be. No I really want another boy. It would make life alot easier plus with an overprotective dad and 3 older bros she wouldnt be allowed to leave the house till shes 30!! Lol

    Well done on the BF front you should be very proud. I have never really got the hang of it! You will do fine when Pete goes bk to work hun, you just naturally get into the swing of things even if you dont have a routine.

    Enjoy your lil men!

    Big kisses from us xxxxxxx
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